Progressing to Course 3

Last Update: November 26, 2015

Time does fly fast when you are having fun! Prior to this, I've been searching and searching for what I can do at home to earn. I've been wanting to go back to full-time work, but since I need to take care of our baby, I just can't. And it saddens me...

Was so happy to have chanced upon WA, because I felt this was right up my alley and it made me excited. I like to write but I knew absolutely nothing about creating a website nor affiliate marketing.

So after more than 2 months since I signed up (I've been slow since I unfortunately had to put this on hold for a bit in between that time), I now have my niche website. Its shaping up ( with a few posts and pages. Still tinkering with Wordpress, but I'm happy to continue to learn more. I'm just really proud that I have a good foundation in place. I think I am also able to help others just by sharing what I already know. Noticed that in the past 2 weeks, my rank has also changed from being in the 6,000+ mark to 2,004 now. I'm also learning how to use G+ (again, something new for me)! :)

Now I'm excited to move on to Course 3, learn more, and find out how to start earning. Hopefully I can start making money soon. Since I made my niche site, I'm planning to come up with another site in the next 6 months to promote WA and take the affiliate bootcamp.

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coach-john Premium
Well done with your progress here Raquel. You should be proud of your achievements so far. John
gpeeples Premium
Congrats Raquel. Keep up the good work. See u at the top. Greg P.
mijareze Premium
Congrats! Having a niche website and a website to market WA is the way to go!