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April 15, 2016
i've been wanting to buy a certain domain for a year now and it was unavailable back then. a few months back, i remember i got an email that it was available. but i was too nice to think that someone owns it and might need it. there was probably just a gap in their domain ownership and was not renewed right away. lo and behold, i checked it today and realized that it was bought by a company that sells domains. price is much more now. wish i just bought it back then and thought of selling it mys
March 12, 2016
Finally finished Level 5 certification this week! Woohoo! Probably took longer than most, but I think I'm going to miss the certification modules. I wonder if there will be more in the future?I think learning never stops. We learn everyday. We learn by doing. We learn from each other. We learn when we ask for help. When someone asks questions or posts their own experiences, you get insights too. Now I have more time to listen to the video class recordings.I would never have learned what I know
With all the wonderful improvements here at WA, I hope that the system on Site Comments can also be improved soon. I've been having mixed feelings about it for some time now. While I get really good quality comments, unfortunately there are comments that are written just for the heck of (to get credit maybe). There is obviously a need to edit or disapprove it when it is site feedback. There is another place for site feedback.I know this has been a common sentiment since I've read other blog pos
With this year's theme, we can all help women to realise their limitless potential. The other time, Loes made a post about whether WA was a man's world. Without a doubt, success here is across gender and it really depends on the hard work and effort you put in.I remember celebrating this every year when I was still working for a big company, and everyone looked forward to the invitation. There will be forums and talks revolving about each year's IWD theme. And its fascinating to see that in eac
It's great to see activity in Twitter, especially with Tweet Jukebox. It made my life easier, except that I understand free accounts only allow for limited number of postings.In any case, be careful with your social media account.I was going over my Twitter activity last week and I noticed that there was someone who used my photo as his profile photo, and the video he posted was offensive. So I thought of reporting it to Twitter as an offensive post.The immediate action (and I think it was auto
February 10, 2016
Last December, I sold 3 products off Amazon! While it wasn't much, it was great to see how popular Amazon is. People ordered other products.But I checked my dashboard today, and I was elated to find out that there were people who bought 2 of the products I actually recommended! This made my day. While it's still spare change, I think of it as success because this is just the start.When I manage to put my baby in day care (hopefully in a few months), I'd be able to have more time to work on my b
November 26, 2015
Time does fly fast when you are having fun! Prior to this, I've been searching and searching for what I can do at home to earn. I've been wanting to go back to full-time work, but since I need to take care of our baby, I just can't. And it saddens me...Was so happy to have chanced upon WA, because I felt this was right up my alley and it made me excited. I like to write but I knew absolutely nothing about creating a website nor affiliate marketing.So after more than 2 months since I signed up (
November 21, 2015
I'm glad we have the WA community! It really is a treasure chest of learning and knowledge, all geared towards building your online business. People have truly been very helpful, and I cannot be more grateful to WA friends.Since I have been trying to build my site again after a bit of hiatus, I have also been writing more posts and requesting for comments and feedback. As it is a pay-it-forward community, I try my very best to give quality comments and feedback whenever I can. I really wrack my
September 08, 2015
I have really enjoyed the training as starter member and I just upgraded to premium! I think this is the opportunity I have long been waiting for! I can work from home and take care of my baby. Looking forward to learn more, build my website, write articles, create traffic, and engage with more folks in this great community. Very optimistic about what lies ahead since I am truly inspired by everyone's success stories. Hope to be able to share mine someday soon. :-)