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Last Update: May 24, 2017

Gautamworld a WA member asked the question concerning WP.

Is it better to choose Free or Paid.

Let me suggest a few pros and cons.
1) Pro number one for Free is that it is Free! Any one can get started.

2) Support - Many Free themes do not have the same support as the paid themes. The developer may ask for a contribution to answer your question and/or it may take a while to get a response, or even you may be forced to go to a forum to post your question and get an answer from another kindly user of the theme
Many (not all) paid theme developers are more active in the support of their themes and more responsive to queries.
Also, many paid themes are produced by companies who employ a team of developers who have expertise in different areas of the theme production.
3) Paid themes often have more customization options for site navigation, site layout, etc. etc.

When discussing free WP themes, I would recommend themes that are listed in the official "WordPress.org Themes" directory (https://wordpress.org/themes). It is not recommended to download and install just any free theme distributed by unknown sources. All WP themes in the directory/org go through a "Theme Review Process" and are tested before they are included.

Why do developers produce free themes?
Often is has to do with a developer developing his reputation in the industry or for a particular user group.

Bon Chance on your selection of a theme. Sometimes trial and error is a necessity to see what works for you.

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mijareze Premium
It's funny, I read that the opposite is true. Free themes have a high standard that they have to meet. Paid themes, the artical said, you have to inquire and make sure you're going to get the support. It also warned about having too many bells and whistles and slowing the website down (paid themes).
I am not opposed to premium themes. As a matter of fact, there are some clean, very professional looking premium themes. I would do the research and know what you want before setting out to buy a new theme.
For the rest of us, remember "content is king."
RandellD Premium
Well, I guess that is why the question has both pros and cons on both sides. I am just relating my personal experience. It is not to say that free sites are bad, but I have had the experience that all free sites were not able to do some of the things that I was trying to accomplish and when trying to get an answer it was difficult. Yes, it is important to understand with a paid site that you will have the support you will need.
accad Premium
There will always come a time to use the paid themes but a beginner will always the free ones.
pablocortina Premium
Thank you for the info. A lot to think about