It hurts to be hustled

Last Update: Jul 11, 2017


When you find that you make a connection and it feels right so you commit your whole heart and life, but you gradually realize that the road is one way and all of your heart and life are traveling away from you and you feel helpless and alone. What to do? I have included a website to help prevent getting caught in a money making scam. Please use this before trying to make money online. The link is Please be safe and of course just stay with Wealthy Affiliate a name you can trust.

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My opinion on this particular issue from experience is that everything happens for a reason and if we look deeper we will find. you are never alone but our minds indoctrinate us to think that way. Anyone who leave your life is not meant to be there and he/she is teaching you to be stronger and to stand on your own two legs. See, whatever you give out from your heart in love without judgement, it will always return to you in full. Always and continually affirmed out loud or in silence ( I AM ENOUGH, I AM STRONG, THERE IS NOTHING I CANNOT DO, I AM HAPPY THE WAY I AM, NOTHING CAN SEIZE MY HAPPINESS FROM ME, I AM LIFE; I AM BEAUTIFUL AND LOVED). If these are embedded in you subconscious mind as the truth, you will see how your life eventually change. With blissfulness and love Edi

Thanks. I would like to see more filtering on the Internet to prevent scams on innocent people just wanting a little better life for their family & themselves.

Hardening yourself comes with time and experience Rand. Letting go and finding a new situation though hard is the only way!

just need to do much more research gone are the days you could believe people at a handshake or their word. thanks

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