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April 09, 2020
Well I finally made it I wrote an article that made page one in Google search engines made it to spot number 10. Who'd a thunk it ? It really wasn't much of an article only had about 700 words. I guess it's just about feeling what you write. I picked up a new affiliater association and just wrote what I thought anyway the article is called Motorized and things. I know it's no big deal but it kinda tickles my fancy.Hopefully I'll be able to do it again this time it only took three days pretty d
February 22, 2020
This is not going to be your regular sort of blog because I"m really just sort of talking to myself out loud.All through my life I've been a fast learner I mean for instance I've worked at a convenience store one year trying to learn something besides construction and when I did the training I got lasted one day, now this training usually lasts a week for everyone else. I say usually because there are people that finish quicker and people that it takes longer.Back to where I was anyway I traine
February 17, 2020
I've joined a few special interest groups lately and I've learned a few things about ranking number 1 on Google and it's not as easy as you might think.Here are a couple of things you'll need to get your website to rank even close. These are probably not in order of importance and I'm sure this list is not complete.Here goes hope I get this right. 1 20-40 backlinks to .gov and .edu sites, you can find these in warrior forum edu links 2 3k-4k forum links you can get these in web 2.0 link packag
July 31, 2019
Being born into a lower middle class construction oriented family has been an experience of mundane existence. Not to saying through the day to day normality I haven't done my best to make it as interesting as possible. I was married three tines and have four children every one of which has brought a different set of circumstances that had to be handled in their own unique way. But no matter how much I adjusted through each scenario in the long run my station in life did not change. I always
July 12, 2019
I think I might have entioned that I have a new blog. Well I have been watching some science seminars with Dr. Brian Greene just to get into the spirit of the thing you know.The last one I watched was "Measure for Measure: Quantum Physics and Reality" it kind of scares me but I understood what he was demonstrating and I even have some questions. Now I don't know where I would be priveleged enough to ask these people like Dr. Greene any questions but I sure would like to.I have a few questions I
June 25, 2019
I've started a new blog site. It's at bigbangtheoryscienceblog.siterubix.combigbangtheoryscienceblog.siterubix.comIt's kind of a hillbilly science blog. I thought somebody might get a kick out of listening to a theoretical physicist that has no mathematical skills what so ever.It's just about some of the things that go through my mind when I read the scientific reports on the internet news. Don't ask me why but sometimes i think these scientists are too close to the fire. Maybe they know too mu
Okay I just wana say lately I haven't been around as much as usual, that's because I've had a few set-backs as of late.However, you can be sure of one thing. I'll alway's be the same old me.Most of the time people want to know these 3 things so I want to be completely transparent. I'm gonna answer these according to size, largest first.Number 1 Where you from ? I always say the same thing I ain't from nowhere I'm still here.Number 2 How are you ? I say this everytime Better than nothin I hear.A
June 03, 2019
My site health hasn't been up to par so I started checkig it out. There is a spot where it say's I need a must have plug-in but every tie I try to install the darn thing my site crashes and rejects the plug-in. I don't get it why does it say must have then not accept it? this is really confusing to me. I tried going to those recommended plug-ins but can't find one ro make it right. I don't know anything about this subject but you would think when they say you need it they will let you use it. I
May 29, 2019
I have written this once but as my luck seems to go it didn't take so here we go again.Yesterday I was trying to verify my websites for Google and Bing webmaster tools except I couldnt figure out where to go to find the <head> spot where I was supposed to go to enter the code.So I wrote to site support for instructions. They sent me back an answer it said. Send us the code you are trying to enter and go start a new post or page but don't publish it save it as a draft.I got this answer rig
May 09, 2019
an image of intimate relationThis is the next email I sent to my list and I need an opinion. I sent it with this subject line.Sex SellsIn Arizona our senate has jumped on the bandwagon. They have now decided pornography is a health risk. Of course they're not going to do anything about it they just want everyone to be aware of it.Seems to me it's just another way to get the voters attention but it's been all over the news lately.I think the powers that be have made up their minds that if the pu