New Video About Koss KSC75 Earphones

Last Update: June 25, 2014

Hello everyone, I just uploaded a new video to my headphone website on This one is about the Koss KSC75 Stereophone SportsClip. I've changed my style. I'm trying to make them shorter and more informative. I would appreciate anyone who would take time to view the video and tell me your opinion about the video and the page.

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Simoc Premium
That is better. I thought you were wearing the headphones being promoted then realised they were different. So maybe the ones being reviewed or wear none. The format is good and I believe way better than before. The glasses reflect and look to me like hiding. A good looking guy like you needs no distractions.
However that may be the image you want to project which is fine to.
Just keep working on the presentation as the more confident you become, the more comfortable you will project to viewers on video.
Prolife Premium
Thanks for your advice. Let me explain my use of the glasses. I'm real bad on video, so I have to read from a script. With the glasses on nobody notices that I'm actually reading. I don't know if it's a real good idea, but it's kind of part of my branding now.
DoubleTap Premium
Yah my brother... I do like the shortness of the video. All your info was precise and reiterated by the written info in the vid. I might even shorten up the music intro a wee. But yup, I really like it... a lot!!!
Prolife Premium
Thanks for your advice. I'll shorten the intro music on the next one.