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Hello Wealthy Affiliates!

I work as a consultant and help people make money in their home business. It was a magician who taught me the easy way to set up home businesses that really do well. He was amazing and made everything fun. Two or three times a year he would come up with a great product that would fly off the shelf.

In my book, Make the Money and Run, I show step-by-step how he set up some of his biggest money-makers. (Excuse the plug). In my newsletter at my site, I also give the magician's tips that make money.

It is great to be here at Wealthy Affiliate. I know I can learn something every day about affiliate marketing. I hope to meet you all soon. In the meantime, please add me to your buddy list.

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Hi Kyle! This is fun learning about affiliate marketing. Am starting the 2nd week of the 8 lessons. I cannot wait to start marketing. Siriol