A Last Look At 2018

Last Update: December 31, 2018

As you look behind you, where you came from is still fresh in your minds and with a bit of enthusiasm, you have the power to implement all that you have learned in the last year.

Accomplishments were made and goals were met and exceeded by the many. The shear amount of information is nothing to scoff at, as where else other than WA could you have learned so many new skills?

Many words written and read, re-read and edited before publishing. New tricks that can help propel you faster, farther than ever before were discovered. When looking at those tall buildings, guess they aren't so tall after all are they?

Some of you have profited handsomely while others are just starting out on their new ventures into what can transform their lives from ho hum to a bit exciting again. It was a good year to learn and an even greater one for achieving what was thought to be impossible.

Time to look forward and point yourselves towards learning new skills, creating new content with fresh insights. Those baby steps from before can now be taken as full strides with an air of confidence in knowing that you've got this.

While it's OK to take breaks once in a while, success does not wait nor does it ever sleep. Be the Jone's that you want to keep up with and challenge yourselves to become innovators in the world of affiliate marketing.

To all of you that lurk in the behind the scenes world (Kyle, Carson, Jay....), thank you! For those that have found successes over the years and are now capable of teaching lessons to the rest of us, a warm sense of gratitude to all of you. What we learned will become our own successes. Let the cycle continue.

Goodbye 2018!

Hello 2019!

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MKearns Premium
This new year was created to ROCK!
Tirolith Premium
Let's be Positive,
alexjysmith Premium
This was very well said. I think 2019 is going to be huge for many people including you and me :)

Marley2016 Premium
That was great - thank you for sharing,
And you are so right Goodbye 2018
And hello to prosperous 2019 and onward