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Last Update: February 26, 2016

Joining Wealthy Affiliate...

I joined Wealth Affiliate University on 14th January, 2016. That day, I had few reservations about its offer of free lessons to help build a website for an online business (too good to be true?). I did additional research about WA, read surveys, and evaluated comments from the community affiliates: impressive. Obviously, I took the risk... on the 5th day I upgraded to Premium.

My First Impression...

The one thing that impressed me most was the community sharing: questions getting answered, newbies getting welcomed and encouraged, oldies providing lesson-/tutorial-references, and everyone sharing experiences, know-hows, and most especially, their site's contents. Wasn't I fascinated by the many ideas I got looking into the works of internet marketers at WA? The fact is, I got overwhelmed by the robust resources available here. I decided I should take them in slowly; if not, I'd simply be drowning into the deep. But, I love the feeling that I am not all alone in my journey here at WA. Thanks to all who are very open to share, inspire, and give encouraging comments.

My Progress...

My progress in building my website from scratch at WA seem slow as I only spend lesser hours than I am supposed to. I have to deal first with my own weaknesses and tendencies... that may cause me to drift away from my goals and aspirations. First, I have to conquer myself and practice various disciplines to change, re-invent myself, re-build my character, and get ready for the tasks ahead. So, I am taking it slowly for now... later on, I would be intensely on the run. I saw in one of WA marketer's post this encouraging line: "It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop." Well, I am not stopping now; and the way to go is forward, I just need to work harder and continue with the training. I am about to begin the Certificate Program #3 (too slow, huh?).

I almost quit...

A couple of times, I got so desperate and wanted to do short-cuts into the training so as to get the money-making part of the program. I did not dive into the WA Affiliate Program going over the Affiliate Bootcamp that's why after my first month, I grew desperate. It's good that I keep visiting websites of WA community and here and there, as if by coincidence, I would get inspiration from their posts' contents. Something like this one: "When you feel like quitting, think about why you started," a very challenging line. So, I didn't quit....

My Resolution...

I resolved to go through the courses and training programs of WA... To allocate more time in building and improving my website, other social media accounts, and work towards leveraging my site(s) to make money online. Thanks to the community with their whole support, esp. to Kyle & Carson.

Glad to be here at WA... Cheers!


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WebBasedUser Premium
Keep your goals simple. Focus on one thing at a time. Relax and enjoy. Look back on all you have achieved. Rinse and repeat...
Cavan Premium
Your experience here at WA is a familiar one. Stick to your resolution to follow the program, trust me when I say the picture becomes clearer as you go of luck
PonceG Premium
Thanks, Cavan. I just know I need to go on, no matter what. And I trust what you said, things will become clearer eventually.