Oh the joy of yearly premium membership!

Last Update: April 18, 2018

Oh the joy of yearly premium membership

By Paul F. Murray

Oh the joy of yearly premium membership! Now that I have joined “yearly” I can concentrate fully upon developing my online business with Wealthy Affiliate. No more spending a large portion of my time having to deal with monthly registration fees and working with my bank to allow for a Canadian transaction. There were times when this was frustrating and time consuming, taking my focus away from my Super Affiliate lessons. Anyway, no more.

Having joined on a yearly basis also commits me to Wealthy Affiliate. There is no point now in focusing upon any other platforms. If I paid for a yearly premium membership, I owe it to myself to spend as much time as possible on developing my website and creating traffic and sales.

Onward and upward from this time forward!

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Jeannah Premium
Great point you make here...makes sense to go annual as it boosts your sense of commitment. Best wishes for your increasing success
BrianCh Premium
Hi Paul, great commitment. Much success to you.

PeterZ1 Premium
Im probably going to join you in this one! Congratz on taking this long term commitment.