I'm catching up

Last Update: April 18, 2018

I’m catching up

By Paul F. Murray

Those of you with computer expertise and savvy have a huge advantage at
the start over those of us who are having to learn certain computer
techniques in order to complete some of the Super Affiliate tasks.

I just learned a couple of weeks ago that there is something called
“Banners” for Wealthy Affiliate advertising, and a price and program
chart. I am now going back and installing these banners to my posts. I
am sure that those of you who are computer savvy knew about these
banners months ago and installed them to your posts months ago. Am I
right or wrong?

Anyway, I am learning how to “beautify” and “professionalize” my
posts—slowly but surely. I look forward to having posts that will engage
readers and eventually lead to sales.




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JeannineC Premium
Hey Paul, we are all learning something new all the time, regardless of how long we've been doing affiliate marketing. The knowledge available here is too huge for anyone to know everything! So you do have company in learning new material, even if we're learning different things.