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May 17, 2018
I’m all done with asking for help By Paul F. Murray After reading the blog earlier today with the subhead “I exist to assist” and, more importantly, reading the multitude of comments in support of the basic premise of the article, I am all done with asking for help or advice from anyone in the Wealthy Affiliate community other than Kyle or Carson or one of their assistants at the Help Desk. I will no longer post questions for the community to answer. Nor will I be participat
I’m behind, but that’s okayBy Paul F. MurrayI’m about a week to 10 days behind in my Super Affiliatetraining, but I’m fine with that after nearly passing away in the hospitalemergency room three weeks ago on April 25th. Sometimes things thatI have no control over get in the way of my training. When they do, I think itis better to take a couple of days off, or a few days off, or to reduce thehours each day that I spend on my SA training, rather than rush through it tooqui
Too many online platforms for me By Paul F. Murray One impression that I’m getting from reading about affiliate marketing is that there are hundreds if not thousands of potential platforms. Based on that information, you could spend a lifetime going from trying out this platform, that platform, the next platform, the newest platform, several platforms all at once, and NEVER GET ANYWHERE because you never pick one good one that works for you and stay with it until you succeed. There are
How to be a great procrastinator By Paul F. Murray While reading the information which Kyle provided as a preface to Lesson 4 regarding my online Wealthy Affiliate business, I was intrigued by the question about wasting time. I have sometimes had a lot of self-discipline and dived right into that day’s work and learning. At other times, I have found myself scared and afraid to dive in for fear of not being able to understand the lesson material. At such times, I have found myself often
April 28, 2018
I am in Lesson 3 of the Super Affiliate training and the amount of information that is available can be overwhelming. I am sure that I am not the only person who feels that way. I am hoping that the information in lesson 3 and following lessons will continue to be straightforward. By that I mean the shortest path to a functioning, sales-commission producing website. Then, and only then, will it be appropriate to start teaching all of the additional bells and whistles. In other words, I don&
April 18, 2018
I’m catching upBy Paul F. MurrayThose of you with computer expertise and savvy have a huge advantage at the start over those of us who are having to learn certain computer techniques in order to complete some of the Super Affiliate tasks. I just learned a couple of weeks ago that there is something called “Banners” for Wealthy Affiliate advertising, and a price and program chart. I am now going back and installing these banners to my posts. I am sure that those of you who are
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Oh the joy of yearly premium membership By Paul F. Murray Oh the joy of yearly premium membership! Now that I have joined “yearly” I can concentrate fully upon developing my online business with Wealthy Affiliate. No more spending a large portion of my time having to deal with monthly registration fees and working with my bank to allow for a Canadian transaction. There were times when this was frustrating and time consuming, taking my focus away from my Super Affiliate lessons. An
April 12, 2018
Why I like Open-Ended Days By Paul Murray I like as many open-ended days as possible to do my Super Affiliate training. Here are my days as I see them: *100% open-ended days—those days when I have little to do in the morning, nothing to do in the afternoon or evening. (Almost never happens.) *half-open-ended days—those days when I might have something to do in the morning, but the rest of my day is clear for working on Super Affiliate training. *closed-ended days—those d
March 22, 2018
Roller Coaster of EmotionsBy Paul MurrayI go through a roller coaster of emotions during my SuperAffiliate training. I will be excited and optimistic for awhile, a few days orso, and then I will become discouraged and pessimistic for an equal amount oftime. Anybody else out there go through the same?I get excited about each step forward, however small, andthen I become depressed when nothing more exciting happens. I received acomment from somebody outside of Wealthy Affiliate, and I became supe
March 14, 2018
Don’t ignore outside helpBy Paul MurrayThe assistance from Kyle and from the Wealthy Affiliatecommunity has been awesome! That said, I think that you as an online businessentrepreneur owe it to yourself to get advice as quickly and as thoroughly aspossible. I don’t know about Canada and other countries, but in the UnitedStates almost every state has a Small Business office. Where I live in Wyomingit is called the Small Business Development Council, and they offer free adviceon const