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Last Update: March 22, 2018

Hi Friends,

Recently I started to clean my house and redo somethings I learned when I was a newbie and they didn't make sense here in WA. For example Webmaster tools seemed very complicated to me but when I took time to read it and do it time again everything became clear.

Today I wanted to reset my Google Analytic code because I doubt the reports on number of visitors on my websites is not accurate at all. Interestingly, the face of Analytic seems very different and new from the one I last used. I think Google have updated their flatforms a lot recently.

Also, I realized that most training lessons here are about setting Googlle Analytic tracking codes on All in One SEO and am using Yoast. All the information am getting is dated one to three years ago, so a little bit out-dated.

Could someone be having any up-to date tutorial on how to set up Google Analytic for multiple websites on Yoast? I will appreciate to learn about it.



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codevonish Premium
Sorry I have never used Yoast, check Jay's videos i think he uses yoast and might have made mention.
PMbaluka Premium
I've typed the question severally up there on WA forum and the tutorials am getting are dated over a year ago. The Analytics seems updated recently
ElwinDutton Premium
What I think you will need to do, is each website you have to have a different tracking code for each website.

You can add all your websites to search console and connect them to your Google Analytics.

Elwin :)
PMbaluka Premium
Thanks Elwin I really appreciate. Do you have an updated tutorial on how to do it specifically on Yoast?
ElwinDutton Premium
If you go to your dashboard to Seo-General then click on webmaster tools an verify your website in Bing, Google, Yandex that's really all you do in Yoast.
LouisaB Premium
Marion Black may have a tutorial on this subject.
She usually are up front with tutorials and training
videos on almost any subject.