Progress thus far.

Last Update: February 22, 2016

Thus far since January , I have made my way through Course 2. I have a web site called "" . the site has already had 7,500. hits. I plan to grow my site and help many to be all they can be, once I learn some more tricks, from Cource3&4.

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Plume1 Premium
Hi Janelle; Thank you for that positive encouraging words. You make me want to push on. Your friend Stan
whitsunday Premium
Hi Stan. You are going very well with your training. Your website is going to be a massive help to people. I really enjoyed the Ho'oponopono exercise.
Go well from Janelle
2Al Premium
Good job. Keep it up.
AimanB Premium
Wow, congrats on your progress!!! How did you manage to get 7500 hits in such a short time?!