Around Australia 7

Last Update: June 27, 2016

Our next stop was at another coastal town called Denham. Generally we were a little disappointed, although a lot of development is being done in the foreshore area though which will be nice when finished.

The big attraction in this area is at one of the close beaches called "Monkey Mia". I don't know the origin of the name, but is certainly famous here in Australia, and maybe in some other countries, but what is here is the dolphins which come in from the ocean every day to put on their display. These animals are totally untrained but still come in certain times each day to swim around the shore edge.

Of coarse with this happening on a daily basis and each one being rewarded by the carers with one fish each why wouldn't they. The tourists are not allowed into the water while they are swimming about and there are very strict conditions so that they always return back out to the ocean every day

This beach is controlled strictly by the people in charge of the area so these dolphins are not harmed in any way. A number of years ago visitors were allowed to walk amongst them and give them food. This has long been stopped and no one is allowed in the water while they are close to shore so they can still live naturally without depending on tourist food.

We stayed in Denham for a couple of days and are moving on stopping over at Carnarvon tonight before moving on to Exmouth the next morning for a long stopover and rest .

Arriving at Exmouth we moved out to a working cattle station known as "Bullara" where the owners cater for caravan tourists and explain all their works including how they muster cattle on their 250000 acre property Unfortunately for us it did not stop raining the whole time and we were lucky to get out because of flooding across roads. They were most grateful for it because it hadn't rained here for 6 months.

My blogs have been stopped because of my connections out here where these things are always a bit "flukey" you never know whether you will get through or not. Have upgraded my wifi connection so that should help for the future as only starting to get into the remote areas. Be in touch.

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Thanks for sharing. I really want to go to Australia!!
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Fascinating stuff, thanks for sharing :)
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Nice and thanks for sharing this great trip.