Around Australia 5

Last Update: June 13, 2016

Travelled 300 miles up north yesterday to a coastal town called Jurien Bay, where are setup in a caravan park right in the middle of town with great facalities around us. The girls have the shops next door and we have a fishing jetty just behind is

Apparently this area was discovered way back in 1801 by a French naval explorer Nicholas Boudin and named it after Charles Jurien an administrator with the French Navy.

In the 1950's and 60's growing demand in Australia's rock lobster caused a lot of development in the area, with that building jetties, boat ramps etc. It was not long after that many people got wind of the area, and what was up here, which started coming up her from Perth, on holidays and long weekends which started them building their own weekenders etc.

To day we went for a day trip to an area known as the "pinnacles" which is something like I have never seen before. They are weathered rock spires which come up out of the yellow dunes. Some are as high as 3.5 meters with some having jagged tops and others a dome like top resembling a tombstone. Made up of shells they date back millions of years and are scattered the landscape creating an eerie appearance

Today is our last day here and will start packing early to try and dry things out a bit as it has not stopped raining all night. Looking forward to our next destination which will be warmer and will be dry I hope.

Brian and I went fishing this morning and it is just as well we are not depending on our efforts to survive. Conditions were not good, so we will do more research before next time .

They tell us we will catch real fish when we are up there sizes of 18 -24 inches are the norm. !!!!!! will get back

cheers for now

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Sui_generis Premium
I'd love to see these. I'm hoping to get to Australia one day.
PLowrey Premium
It's a big place in area with so much to see, hope you can get here one day
MPollock Premium
Nice pictures, hope you are having a great time.
stevecox Premium
Great pictures. What time is dinner?
JudeP Premium
Sounds wonderful and lovely pics :)