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Last Update: August 06, 2020

More Certification continues to flow in am sure if there is something to be good at is this study and get certificates am qualified for this I wish if also doing practicals was easy too I would be very far

but am good there is nothing too had to handle.

thanks to all who gave me the help I need it more and I thank everyone who gave me the feedback to my website am greatful to know my mistakes early enough.

I an now asking for another help with the Google Search Console?


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Dorrie1 Premium Plus
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Congratulations 🎈
Joezout Premium
Well KP, sounds like you are getting there, WA members will always be there to help you, just ask. Congratulations on going into OEC, you are going to learn a lot now, best wishes on all your WA endeavors.

Pkizito1 Premium
Thank you Geoffrey
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Stick with the training and you will get there.