Is it true? Is my search for a legitimate way to make money online really over?

Last Update: June 09, 2020

It's been 30 months today since I was given a new lease on life! An inoperable brain tumor diagnosed in 2013 had "disappeared"! I have been dedicating myself, since then, to living my best life...EVERY DAY!

Part of living my best life is finding a way to earn enough money to live comfortably on a tropical island in the Caribbean!

I've found the island and I love living here but it has been an arduous struggle to find a legitimate way to earn money online. I have been subjected to numerous "infomercials" where they pass themselves off as "free training" or "valuable webinars". They say they will "teach you how to make money" and you can "live the life of your dreams". I'm not a complete idiot, I knew not to fall for the get-rich-overnight scams, but there were a few that seemed legit and that promised to give (sell) me the tools I needed and the training to create a viable online business.

I took the bait a couple of times (once to the tune of $3000+) because they seemed to have good reputations (outside of their own testimonials and reviews), and they were offering what I thought I was looking for. Don't get me wrong, I learned a lot about creating an e-commerce business (Shopify) and my store is fully functional on the Shopify Marketplace. I realized, however, that making a lucrative income from that business was going to be very stressful and much more work than I wanted for my "best life".

I began researching ways to make passive income and came across affiliate marketing. Did you know that there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs out there?! But, I'm a seasoned researcher and I finally narrowed it down to three. Wealthy Affiliate was the only one that didn't bombard me with "infomercials" or "buy now or else" offers/threats. They invited me into their program with complete transparency and no gimmicks!

For the first 2 days I went through the initial training with a protective coating of skepticism. I picked apart the program, I asked my coach a ton of questions and I completed outside research. I did find a few negative reviews but they were all promoting their own affiliate programs...that says a lot!

So, here I am today! I took the leap and I'm a full-fledged, card-carrying, bootcamp-taking, Wealthy Affiliate Premium member!

I'm excited to be a part of this community and I've checked my skepticism at the door! It's full-steam ahead for this journey that is MY BEST LIFE!

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Kilife Premium
I think you've made a great decision, WA is a great platform for learning and you'll find that the community is extremely helpful and supportive.

Wishing you great success on your journey.

Kind regards, Graham & Cheryl.
CandP Premium
Congratulations on your good health first of all and then, finding WA!

We have lived on lots of Caribbean islands over a long period of time. Currently, we are in Cozumel, Mexico. Take your time to research where you would like to live. They all have different 'personalities'.

WA is an authentic platform and we are so happy to be here. It has been over 2 years since we joined. You found your way to the right place.

We wish you every happiness and success and continued good health going forward to realize your dreams.

Colette and Philip
PKelli Premium
Hi C&P, thanks for the encouragement.
I'm actually living on the beautiful island of Margarita in the Caribbean. I've been here since 2015.
I have visited Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta and they ARE lovely, but they're no Margarita! :)
It's nice to hear from someone who's been at this for a while and still has great things to say about the program.
To happiness and success!! Cheers!
Talk2Ray Premium
Congratulations Pam, you will find that this is one of the best choices you made.
EmakAmelia Premium
Hello 👋,

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! 🙂 It's good to have you here. Also, congrats on your upgrade to Premium.

You made a good decision by joining WA. The support system within WA community is awesome. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask on the discussion or Live Chat.

Enjoy the training! May you achieve the goals you have set with WA. 🙂🙂🙂

Success stories: and many more...

This is a slow steady process but with hard work and persistence, we'll get there.

All the best,