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Last Update: September 02, 2019

I guess you will agree with me when I say that the journey begins, at first in our mind, because our thoughts guide our choices. We must liberate our mind from the preconceptions and barriers we have accumulated till today, otherwise, we will not be able to do anything to achieve our goals.

We have to imagine our future, in order to do so, we have to believe in our dreams, have our vision and follow it.

"I dream my paintings, I paint my dreams" says Van Gogh

Before starting this journey, the first thing to do is to clarify if you're in the right mindset

And I've done it, so based on my experience of years of failed attempts, some small results and learning from those who have had rather successful results, I realized that first of all I would have to start a path of change and I have identified the qualities necessary to undertake this path and succeed:

  1. Motivation is your first ally on this changing process, if you want to make money and be an entrepreneur, motivation is your main drive, motivation feeds your commitment, commitment leads to a result. Everybody has a motivation.
  2. Discipline is as important as much as motivation, you must be disciplined to consistently apply the steps of the processes you will learn by following training or a process you will in a role in, in the future. You will often hear this phrase, "does not reinvent the wheel" this is the reason you have to constantly follow the process that you will be taught and to do this will take discipline.
  3. Confidence, you must be confident in yourself because it's what you really want to do if you want to change. You have to believe in yourself to take action when the time comes. “The Man Who Has Confidence In Himself Gains The Confidence Of Others.” – Hasidic Proverb
  4. Determination goes hand in hand with Motivation and Confidence. These three qualities are the basis of your change. Because change means: questioning everything, you have to change your habits, your way of thinking and first of all the perception about yourself to be a different, new, better person. Determination, Motivation, and self-confidence are the most powerful drivers of your change.
  5. Resilience, I think is the best quality because when you are in trouble or difficulty, it gives you the strength to rise up, brings you back on the right path, boosts your energy to rise up and start again with confidence and determination.
  6. Organization is the sister of Discipline because when you start a campaign you should follow many steps, you will see the process in the future. But now, what happens when you have started more than one campaign at the same time? You have to be organized to follow all of them, without forgetting something while tracking everything.
  7. Curiosity is the quality that gives us the chance to explore new business paths that maybe nobody else has followed before and if you are lucky you should find the “golden vein”.
  8. Creativity like Curiosity is an opportunity, this quality gives us the ability to see what other people don’t see and should be a “golden vein” too.

Curiosity and creativity are the skills that allow you to be a step ahead of others, above the competition and in the best condition to dominate. That means to have the control. You are wondering what do you mean by “have the control”?

Well, you will be so confident, that you will be able to decide, how much you will earn and in how much time, This means “have Control “ and “Dominate”.

Now I want to tell you a secret, these qualities are applicable in any business you want to take, and the most important secret is that if you train all this stuff everything it will go on the right way and the most important is :

“If somebody else done it before, we can do it too.”

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Saliman Premium

You are so right. I agree with You 100%.

The enviroment is also very important. Here we have a good one.

ledrew Premium
It's True!
The Journey Begins in Our Minds
If You can't get your mind right nothing else will go right

Break Down all the barriers to your success.

Thank You For this article.
I have bookmarked it.
JRylander Premium
Wow, awesome post!!! Reading it gave me a great motivation boost!!!
DonnieNorton Premium
Hi there, not reinventing the wheel is the top reason that franchising works so well.

Thanks for the great post
TheCatherine Premium Plus
So true