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September 07, 2020
For those of us who live anywhere else in the world except the USA, you might be aware that today is HUGE for those living in the USA.It's LABOR DAY - the day to celebrate the works and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States. Some might wonder why this is important. Well, it was considered an act of TREASON at the time. Despite that, many workers risked their lives and fought for their basic working rights - better wages, reasonable hours, safer worki
The power of paying it forwardOne of the best way to explain “pay-it-forward” is a situation where someone does something for you and instead of directly paying back the person who helped you, you pass on the same kindness or support to another person.While the term “pay-it-forward” is not a new concept, it certainly is not the normal practice we encounter on a daily basis. Denzel Washington helped pay Chadwick Boseman’s acting school tuition. Listen to Chadwick&rs
Muhammad Ali Was Right! We win the game long before we step into the ring. Muhammad Ali is one of the undisputed boxing greats and world champions. He has been attributed to the famous quote “…we win the game long before we step into the ring.”His actions give us access to how to win before getting into the ring. And as flamboyant as Ali was, he contributed his wins to mostly what was accomplished behind the scenes far away from the piercing eyes of witnesses… b
College football is THE hands-down, drop-the-mic, best game to follow! College football makes and gives more vitality out of players, guides, and without a doubt fans than any other American game. The vitality involved in a College football on Saturdays is simply on another level and can't be replicated by any other game. Let's explore why College football is better than other College sport (or much other professional games).NostalgiaWalk a College grounds the week preceding an major game and i
Eleanor Roosevelt has been quoted as saying "You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” Oh, what a joy! Completed Level 2 certification today and I'm totally over the moon! I worked really hard to make this happen. Pushed through a lot of doubts and asked for help when stuck.Massive thanks to the WA community! Kyle, Chrystopher, & everyone who shared your stories...You're inspiring! Thank YOU!Level 3 begins now.Peace be the journey!Phoenix
Wow! Wow! Wow! Time sure flies when you're having FUN!Thanks to Kyle for the timely reminder, otherwise I wouldn't have realised.I am certainly enjoying my time here at WA. The community has reached out in so many ways. Helping me navigate the training. And as a newbie, the online marketing world did seem like slogging it uphill Mount Everest. But with asking questions and providing feedback, the journey has been worth it.In the first few days, got my first keyword rich website launched and th
Glee in Getting Indexed by GoogleIt was with delight that I awoke to a message: “…Great news, your website has been indexed by Google.”For some, it might seem trivial. For me, this was a source of inspiration, especially when I constantly hear “be patient”. However, so many people in the WA community reached out with help and encouragement, so I trusted the process, kept taking action…and most importantly, kept askin