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These are great posts for anyone in their first three months of WA.When you read other WA members’ early results, it’s truly inspiring. In a short time frame, they prove anyone can achieve incredible milestones in very short time-frame. I think a lot had to do with changing existing habits and creating new ones. First month success First 30 days! Second month success First 60 days
For all newbies, if you have only 1 hour a day for WA, here’s a checklist you can use - Daily 1-hour Activity Checklist Welcome & Follow - 5 x new members Helper – 5 x reply to questions unanswered or like/add relevant comments Creator – create questions and/or create mini-blog (3 months later, create training) Learn – finish one- step in training module and apply knowledge, take action on website Write ideas, draft, or final content & post on website E
January 22, 2018
For anyone who has come across information mentioning Street Articles.I've just discovered it's old training content..
January 21, 2018
Today, I took another leap. I signed up for WA Premium Yearly Membership!I’m committed to WA and I’m here for the long-haul. Sure a dollar a day is a welcomed perk, but for me …it’s time ….... “Go big or go home”. I’m ready to live bigger ..believe deeper ...and work smarter in achieving my big dreams.
January 20, 2018
Ask the Right QuestionsYou will stimulate thoughts on how to improve the way you are using your time.Ask yourself -What is the best use of my time right now?What is the future impact of this activity?Am I able to perform this task on my own?Do I need to ask for help?What else could I be doing better?What’s working well right now?What’s not working well right now? How can I change it?The more you use this technique, you’ll amaze yourself on how quickly the answer will come to y
I changed my WP Theme last night and here are a few action steps that helped me to make this transition smoother in the very early stages of WP website building.1. Widget-ready Check if you are using a widget enabled theme and then switch to another widget-enabled theme. If you switch to one that is not widget enabled, you will lose some elements. 2. Functionality and plug ins Once the new theme is activated, test that everything still works. Check if you need to go back and add funct
January 16, 2018
I just received notification that my site has been Google indexed! I started January 9th and it's Jan 16th, exactly one week.
January 14, 2018
It's a bit messy but I just completed my first post. Still lots to work on but I keep reminding myself ... "one step at a time".
January 12, 2018
I'm moving on up ... yippee
January 11, 2018
Hi WA Team, just took a baby step, I set up my first ever website ...