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You invest a lot of time and energy for different life projects. What about your Happiness Project?If you have never thought about happiness this way, don’t fret. Most of us do not know that happiness is a skill and not a gift. As such, it requires the same quality of attention we choose to devote to other practical endeavors.Granted, we do not become happy as easily as we learn how to drive or to speak a foreign language. We cannot mechanize happiness. It requires our presence. This is why it
September 27, 2014
I discovered that just yesterday, so I do not mean at all to make myself appear smarter than I am... As we know, comments are the blood life of our blogs. They globally increase SEO rankings and give credibility to our contents. So, why not putting a face on them??? Google used to propose to do that for its results, up until recently, because visitors then relate much more to already attractive descriptions and titles. The same is true for our own blogs. It is much more pleasant to see faces th
I am not going to tell you how to get these first 5,000 subscribers. Derek Halpern is. Derek is the founder of, a hugely helpful blog about online marketing. What's best, he is always practical, honest, specific, and speaks in plain English. I am not affiliated to him and have no interest in promoting his work, but I have just read his free pdf untitled How to get your first 5,000 subscribers and thought it would be a fault not to mention it to the WA community. I personally
For all the soon to be online business owners out there (and for those who already have a business), check this out: There is an article as well, which describes really well the intent of the book: In my view, that information could
February 12, 2014
When we visit a website we do not really care that its owner tells us how good her/his products or services are. Even if facts and data are provided, which is always good, that still does not really create the connection that triggers the desire to do what the site owner wants us to do. Why? Because what we want is not that a company speaks of itself but that it speak to us. Big difference. In other words, when we write to an audience for our business, we have to write with benefits. Benefits f