​5 easy ways to sell your book without busting your budget

Last Update: July 08, 2014


You've written your first novel, and you think it's great The fact is your probably right! The reason I say that? You have created something unique, something no one else has. Well that's the hard work over, no, I'm afraid not. This is where it starts! You have to get it published, but having said that, with e-publishing it's now a lot easier than twenty years ago. After that you have to market your precious manuscript, and that is where things get real sticky. However, I have found a way that will streamline your operation, something that's taken me three years to pull together.

Firstly, you probably already know that this is a prerequisite – copyright! No one likes plagiarism, or copyright theft, so if you really value your manuscript get this done! I use World Wide OCR, and being very reasonably they give you account options from $20 for a year to $99 for 5 years. Renewal options range from $10 for 1 year to $35 for five years. What if somebody used your copyright without your permission...

Site: http://www.worldwideocr.com/

Email: From WWOCR site only

Secondly, get your book professionally edited (publishers know what sells), yes, it will cost, but no one does anything for nothing. That hurts I hear you say, yeah, it hurt me, but once you realise there can be no short cuts, the road ahead will seem much easier. I use Heddon Publishing, their rates are very reasonable, and they do an excellent job to get your book on Amazon and other sites, as well as their own.

Site: http://www.heddonpublishing.com/

email: enquiries@heddonpublishing.com

Thirdly, get a good front cover, it's no good letting your cousin do your cover, he may be well-meaning, and good, but readers are very discerning people, and will spot an amateur cover a mile off. I use JT Lindroos, the cover he designed for my book JET! (a full wrap) was truly amazing for the price.

Site: http://jtlindroos.carbonmade.com/

Email: juha@oivas.com

Last but not least, effective marketing is absolutely crucial in today's market, I cannot stress that enough. Get it wrong and, like mine it will languish at the bottom of the pile for years. Like the previous two, this will also cost, I use BookGoSocial, as they have the where-with-all to take my novel JET! to new heights. They can do the same for you, their prices are reasonable (you can pay monthly), and if you want success this has to be done.


Email: lob@yourasms.com

Summary: You're probably asking, where do I get the money to afford all this? I can also help here, sign up with Wealthy Affiliates, and you will have the opportunity to make more than enough to cover those expenses. Promise me one thing, when it comes to making money on-line, please don't use the rip-off merchants, it's not worth it, I've been there! Sign up only with Wealthy Affiliates, as they can also help with marketing! I hope I've been able to give you some guidance as to what you will face, once you make the decision to publish your work, don't be put off, it won't be easy, and it will be a long hard road, but if you stick at it - you will succeed. Any questions? Email me at: philp3044@gmail.com

To your success,

Phil Phoenix.

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