3 Years at Wealthy Affiliate But Seems Just Yesterday

Last Update: Jun 30, 2020

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Hello Dear friends,

I was away on the call of Duty for almost a month's time now and couldn't log in to my lovely WA platform as usual.

You all know how the world is fighting this pandemic and I'm doing my part to helping out the home returnees of my own locals from other states. They continue to come home numbering in tens of thousands via flights or trains.

Keep that matter for another blog.

Now, please listen.

It's been already 3 years since I joined WA but it seems just yesterday. Here's the Dedication Badge:

Wealthy Affiliate University - the Internet Giant where I learn everything about the IoT(Internet of Things) is gonna be my life's treasure when it comes to digital marketing or affiliate marketing.

If ever any Google's Algorithm I did learn, and any H tags I did see or any website optimization I did conquer, which I desired, and got, it was but because of Wealthy Affiliate!

Holy Cow!

3 years have gone by and am proud to say that I'm gaining more momentum as far as the virtual world matters and therefore,

Greetings from the extreme Northeastern part of India bordering Myanmar and Tibet to each one of you for being a valued member of WA.

Together we'll weather every storm, right?!

I appreciate you all for being here. You're awesome. Remember, you can always work with your OWN Terms. Nobody imposes you to do this or that in this platform.

Work when you want or where you want - you're your own BOSS.

Wow, what a breath of fresh air to remind ourselves about this!

YOU see friends...

I was so regular as the clock in my First and Second Year but as the Third year progressed, I couldn't pick up the same tempo. But the farther I travelled away, the closer spiritual inclination I always had for WA.

And apologies for not finding the time to welcome new members here and also for not replying to those friends who have followed me. I promise I'll be reaching you out soon.

Before I go, allow me to show what the 3rd year is:

The 3rd year means number 3 which is complete and perfect in its OWN sense. Biblical, it also represents divine wholeness. Kindly take note that God's attributes are also three - Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence.


Time is also divided in three : the past, the present and the future.

Now the Bottoming

Please complete your 3rd year here to see how things start to unfold themselves for you. You'll be blown away to review the number of territories you have conquered and the horizons you have experienced.

Then only, will you be able to tell me that you're in your Cloud Nine. And I can't wait to hear you say that.

Keep your plow steady dear friends.

Never give up.

Love you all.


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Hello H, It has been a while since I saw you and I wondered what you may have gotten up to. I am glad to see you back and still kicking goals with WA

I am now in my third year and things are really starting to happen, so it will be good to share my 3-year successes with you and WA.

Thanks, Shane.

Hey Shane, that's an inspiration.
Thank you so much for reaching out.

Yes, I'd love to listen to your success stories. Maybe you can PM me a shred of evidence.

Good day, my friend.
Stay strong

🎉🥂🍾 Congratulations and happy 3rd Anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration. I really appreciate your words of encouragement. As a newbie (4 months in), I really need this to help me stay motivated.

Here is to more years with WA. 🎉🥂🍾


Wow Ferra, what a pleasure connecting with you here.

Stay motivated because with motivation you can always go for the extra mile.

You can do this!

Wow, you've been at it a little more than 1 year compared to my time with WA. I am approaching 2 years real soon and will have a progress post... but not much of one... but still a little progress.

It is great to see a post from you as there are not many recently and you are busy. You are truly inspiring and I will keep you in my prayers for the safety of those you are helping as well as yourself.

Cheers and keep doing all you do!


I appreciate that Bob and thank you so much for your concern.
Let's continue praying for each other and especially for the Pandemic.

We shall overcome.

Of course... 🙏🙏🙏


*** Great to hear from you and to learn that you're ok ... love this post!

Appreciate you keeping in contact ... and it's beautiful the work that you're doing on the ground, helping others in this most unusual of times with the world pandemic in full swing ....

Please let us know of how we can help cheer you on ...

All the very best to you ... 😊 ... ***

Oh, you made my day keishalina9.

Only your prayers will keep me cheerful.
Thank you.

... 🙏 ...

*** Awwwhhh-hhh ... great to see YOU, dear ONe! ... yes, it's been a long while ... and happy to see your post today ....

that's an amazing part of the world ... I have traveled through the state of Bihar (Northeastern state of India) and next to the Himalayas ... there's a magnetic pull northwards ... it felt like being on a whole other planet ....

Blessings to All for safe travels, peace, light & love ... 🙏 ...

please do keep well, stay safe & BE STRONG! ... ⭐️😊⭐️ ...***

Wow, I love to hear that you had visited Bihar and you almost saw the parts of Nagaland and Manipur where pure funs lie.

Oh yes, stay safe.

... yes, 'almost' is the key word ... there was such a strong, tremendous pull northward, and, physically, I actually started walking that way ...

.. it's was an early clear sunny morning around 6 a.m. not a stir anywhere ... until i kinda woke up and realized that i had to get back to my team ... otherwise, i would have been right into the Himalayas maybe ..

.. now i've got to check out those two places you've mentioned ... where are they located exactly? ...

Northward just after Bihar where people are beautiful and worth accompanying.

Just look up Nagaland or Manipur (through Google) where I'm in.

.. thanks so much ... would love to visit ... and yes, i'm going to look it up ... love geography ... must be so beautiful there ... the air is so crisp and clear ...

keep well .. blessings to All ... 🙏 ...

The next time you come around these peripheries, let me know in advance for an informed companionship to hammering out the best experience.

Deal?! LOL.

*** For SURE! ... chuckles ... be 'thumping' happy! ... 😊 ...

Haha... that thumping I hear loud and Clear - chuckles... giggles... tee-hee... CROW!!!


... thought you'd like hearing that .... 'thumping' is your Keyword! ... lol .. chuckles, giggles, tickles! .... cheerio-o ... :)

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