From Argentina to Miami - Language Trip for my 4-year-old Daughter! Any help?

Last Update: August 29, 2019

Hi everyone! Sorry for the off-topic, but hey, this is the comunnity i love and choose to be part of so this is the best place to me. Honestly...

so, as some of you know, one of my goals (more a big dream I would say...) is teaching my daughter languages, specially English. I am trying everyday teaching her, speaking to her in english, etc. But I think that the ultimate way is being sourranded by the language, living it...

So, we took the decision, to start planning a fewvthings, and one of them to Miami finally! You could ask "Why Miami?" (Or maybe not :D) . The thing is that Miami is the best choice financially speaking, and ovrr that we choose April 2020. Brutal honesty...the cheapest date for us.

Anyway, what we would like to do, is realli fouces on learning the languagr, hang outvwith other kids, maybe assist to a some kind of kindergarten, play some sport. Basically "Doing Common family things", being sourrended by day-to-day activities. And we are also looking for families to be with, I think you get the point :)..

So, here is where you guys come in... ;)

We would love to here from you in the area. We would like to hang with you, have some family time, with your kids, playing and mainly talking in english. May be you know some activities in the area that she could do (even better if she can do it with already-met kids!). Basically sharing.

i am planning to rent a small motorhome, so that we can go everywhere!

I really appreciate your reading, and help in advance!

Best Wishes to all.


P.S: I promise you and argentinian barbacue!

P.S 2. Ok...I could take a day off to visit Disneyland Don't Worry daughter :D

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HaripriyaJay Premium
I love your post. It's beautiful.
P.S 2. (heart heart heart)
All the very best :)
Pepiccione Premium
Thank you so much H!