Day 21. I finished Module 2!

Last Update: July 03, 2019

Well, today, I am writing this because I got a new milestone. I just finished the Module 2 of the training!

I am really happy with this although I was no easy with life getting in the middle :). I am "trying" to build my house too, keeping the 5-9 Job, rising 2 daughters, and trying to learn as much as I can. Listening in the Car, researching my niche...and so on.

Although I´ve beeing here for 2 months already, I wrinting the 21st-Day Blog Post as an "Active Day".

Anyway, I learned a lot this two month.

I understood about Afiilitate Marketing and how you will make money

I have my website up and running with 5 post I never thought I could right! Because I did not quite understand what should I write about, but little by little I I am starting to understand it.. it.

I have a lot of keywords waiting to be used! Less that a 100 pages for competition! By the way I understood what QSR was!

I see my self everyday doing this at full time, I know It will take time, but I am on it.

I met amazing people that helped me when I am stock, which happended lot haha!

I hope I can be every single day writing or searching. But I will never give up...

Thank you all, and I will see you in Module 3, they say it´s about Making Money :D!!

Thank you and regrds


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Amalia13 Premium
Keep going! Let’s do this! :)
Pepiccione Premium
YEs Amalia! We can do it!
PastorDre Premium
Congratulations on your achievement. Well done.
Pepiccione Premium
Thank you Pastor! Let's see what the "making money" mext module has for me! :)
JKulk1 Premium
Great work
All the best. Jim
Pepiccione Premium
Thank you J! Let's Keep on going!