Day 19. Adding my first Images. Holly Molly!

Last Update: June 04, 2019

Today I was adding my first images to my posts. Man! It was harder than I thought!

I was not able to find the ones I wanted. Specially searching for "free" pictures. They tent to be...not to niche targeted. It´s more like just photografers trying to show off. Just my own perception

So, I "took" some images that I think no one would bother. Maybe I will change them later, but I really wanted to have this done and move on!

And being some kind of friky...I tend to be forever choosing the right picture, right framing, right size, right feeling, right, right, right.

So, today I prefer to have it "done" before "right" :D

I have a great feeling about progressing. I have already 3 posts with keywords and...let´s see what happens!

Tommorrow is a big day, I will have to pick 5 keywords with the low hanging fruit concept. Although I have to say that I was choosing all the keywords with this great concept I just learnt

I love this journey... I think I am on the right path.

I am saving for next month to pay the monthly fee. This is my first payment I do to me every month. It´s not easy to reach the amount since we have "Pesos" currency (and I do not know any country where "Pesos" it´s a strong word :( ) I have my regular job (sales) and I am selling water purifiers and teaching classes to get that extra WA amount.

That´s why this time I really feel that I am really making a great effort, and I won´t waste any day doing things that doesn´t get me where I want to be: Working where I want :)

I love this community Sorry I wasn´t able to do too much "social" yet. I am using the 1 to 2 hours I have left to make this work. But I am there!

OK, one day at a time for this 1000-19 days of Journey

Pabs, the "borrowing pictures" 1000 Days Journey Guy (Sorry English Language for the Grammar!) :D I´ll get there. This is just fast writing!

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CoachMX Premium
I enjoyed reading your post. I am new here in WA. And I totally agree with “get it ‘done’ before ‘right’.”! Thanks for the reminder. Have a good week!
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for posting.
With regards to photo images, I tend to use shots I have taken with my phone out and about in my area,

Being in Australia I have a huge amount of settings and wildlife to take pictures of, some look really good.

You may be able to do the same in your area, it will give your readers a good look at where you are from.

Anyway have a good day.