Day 18. I am Falling in Love Again

Last Update: June 03, 2019

Wellcome to my 18th Day of the Journey! I am writing this at my 19th Day but because I thougnt about this yestarday and I wasn´t able to write yestarday, today I´ll do.

Plus, due my OCD I need to write my today´s 19th Day Blog Post of course! I cannot see 18 and then 20 :D

Well..let´s jump into it.

Something Really Nice Happened

Since I choose my niche, I started to research about it, I was reading groups, I bought a magazine related to it, and so

The thing is that this niche it my passion, BUT for many reason I put it "stand by" mode fro a while, and all this searching put me back in my niche and..

I fall in love again.

I used to be part of those groups, and I am there now, chatting with the fellows

I used to buy that magazine...And I started to buy it again and I found my self reading it and enjoing it again

And, the best things is I started to BE part of that niche again.

My niche is related to Bicycle. I love it. I even bought new clothes

I am starting to live my niche again, and by the way, learning a lot again while I search and write about it.

This is a small post, But I wanted to tell you and our Future Pabs, that I amd working on it for getting there, where you already are. Enjoying Biking again :).

Thank you all of you, every day I see how helpful and frendly this comunity is!!

Best Whises To all


Pablo "Pabs" the "I am living my niche" Guy walking a 1000 days Journey :) (1000-18)

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