Day 17. I have my Third Post Almost Done!

Last Update: June 01, 2019

Hey there! Keep trying to write daily here at WA!

Today, I am almost finishing my 3rd post. And at least this, I am starting to understand a bit more about what I should talk about.

The process already goes like this, I just choose what I would like to write about (Really Important: I am not worried about profit or anything like that at this moment, because want I want it´s getting the skills of being able to write about what I just thought I want). So, once I choose, I look for good keywords as Kyle taught us to see if I can get one related to what I want to write about.

At first I was trying to do it the other way round, so I felt really "in my own prison" like. What should I write about this "cool" keyword, just because has a QSR of 0.00001 haha.

You got the point.

So, Future Pabs from 1000-14 days from now, hold on tight, here I comes, with 3 "keyword rich"post already! uhuu!

And one more time THANK YOU all for your helps. I still cannot really believe how much wiling to help you are here. I really hope I can help you all back! Thank you!

Best Wishes!
Pabs. "A better than Day 13" Guy in a 1000 days Journey at WA

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Amalia13 Premium
I love this idea of your 1000 days! :D Good luck on your journey!
Pepiccione Premium
Thank you Amalia! I need a number :D! I really want this to happen!
Amalia13 Premium
I also really want this to happen! :)
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Pabs, keep on going best wishes with your 1000 day journey.
Pepiccione Premium
THank you so much Alex, yes, I will get there!