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Recently I received some site feedback from John I would like to thank you. I have decided to explore the possibilities of splitting my website into two.(maybe three, but first things first eh?)I have set up a siterubix website and have begun the process of copying and pasting all relevant articles and drafts. I haven't published it yet for the obvious reason of avoiding plagiarism and getting into deep doo-doo with THE MIGHTY GOOGLE.(Bad things happen then)
I have been sitting in front of my computer for the past 7 hours off and on today trying to get some work done. It is not happening. I have had numerous interruptions (good interruptions, but interruptions none the less) today and i am dealing with a major distraction right now.( I love that show "Gold Rush" and tonight they are going to have a special on one of the miners ( Freddy Dodge ) I have been wondering about all season long.) So I am going to give up momentarily watch my damn show, an
Derfine writer's block. An intangible concept that has been the bane of many a writer's existence since the dawn of mankind. How did that sound? Did I project the proper type of mystical aura and intellectual intrigue that would relentlessly beckon you to read more? If your answer is yes then enjoy the feeling. because that's about all you are going to get out of this humble writer. How was that? Did you like that? Seriously guys, writer's block is something I am sure we have all experienced a
When writing an article for my website, I imagine it is a lot like having a child.( I say imagine because I have never had any nor do I plan to ) If I understand the process correctly( from seeing it on television and listening to my relatives narrations ) it is alternately intensely painful or quick and painless. Labor can be quick or long and intensive. ( By the way I am in labor right now but needed a little break ) I have made a pact with myself to publish every three days. For the most par
January 11, 2015
So I was making my dinner and I was thinking about how google likes new fresh material, and how google likes it when a website offers material that is helpful to others. So just how the hell is porn helpful is what I want to know and why google indexes it? LIke I said, odd.
I would like to take this moment in time to share my experience with the support staff here at WA who work behind the scenes answering our pleas for help with the support tickets. Recently I had some really irritating trouble with the dashboard to my website. Oh my goodness!The problems I had were completely unbelievable. Let me splain. I had returned to actively working with my website after a year of inactivity (I know right? What was I thinking?) and at first I wasn't having any trouble.
This is a writing exercise about writing whilst buzzing Today my friend Mike came by and invited me to lunch which turned into, we still need to find another place to play pool, type of day. You know what I mean?? If you don't then allow me to elaborate. Mikey Is my pool playing buddy.( his skill surpasses my own at this point in time. ) And we need to find a new bar to hang out at because in Texas or perhaps San Antonio only, they have passed a law forbidding smoking in bars. IN BARS!!! Can yo
November 08, 2013
I don't quite know what to name this blog, because at this point in time I am not too sure exactly what it will be about. So I am just going to start writing and see what I can come up with . That's what I'm doing right now writing to come up with something to write about. Isn't that a little odd? I don't know. I think maybe it is. This is my thought process up till here::I sit around thinking about what I'm going to write without actually writing anything. So this is sort of an experimen