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Pay Per Click Marketing - Classroom Overview
Welcome to the Pay Per Click Marketing Classroom. If you are looking to become a PPC expert, you are…
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Is it important to add ads.txt within our website?
I got a notification from my AdSense account that my earning would be at risk if I didn't add ads.txt…
2 weeks ago 2 Replies
Affiliate programs and ppc where to add more?
Some Affiliate programs are hard to join mostly because of lack of traffic or not enough content. I…
1 month ago 10 Replies
Any tutorial on how to add google conversion tracking code?
How can I add a Google conversion tracking snippet here in Affiliate section Link and tracking tab?
1 month ago 3 Replies
Please help me ,i would like to know how do i get payed?
How do I get my payment, and how do I withdraw it?
1 month ago 8 Replies
Does anyone know any pay per impression affiliate programs?
Just wondering if anyone knows any affiliate programs that pay you for each impression, other than Google…
1 month ago 8 Replies
How do I earning money with my site?
I would like to know how to earn money with my site. Please let me know what's missing from my site.Thanks,Bonita12
1 month ago 4 Replies
How to make money with pay per click?
What is pay per click? Is pay per click Google adsense? How to really make money with pay per click,…
2 months ago 3 Replies
Clickbank didnt accept my registration ?
dear team click bank didnt accept my registration with no reasons do any one how to over come this prblem…
2 months ago 3 Replies
How do use affiliate links pertaining to a unique niche?
Hi Fam! Hope everyone is doing great and feeling inspired! This community definitely helps. I have a…
2 months ago 13 Replies
When should I apply for adsense?
I have submitted an adsence application more than two weeks ago, but I have not got approval yet to…
2 months ago 7 Replies
Emails and payment mode ,how to get pay?
Hello, please note, VISA card ,
2 months ago 2 Replies
Could you give me ex of describe your opportunity on awin?
I would like to complete set up the Create new opportunity on Awin. Could you give me an example of…
2 months ago 10 Replies
How to do ppc in 2021?
Hi Friends, I'm going to try to do PPC with Google Ads this week. I went through the PPC trainings in…
3 months ago 5 Replies
Facebook conversion pixel plugin which one are you using?
Hi folks,Hope you are having a great new year and wishing you all the best of blogging success in 2017…
3 months ago 8 Replies
How do I know if my landing page is good and niche product?
I would like to know if someone could look at my landing page and product and tell me if they're good
3 months ago 2 Replies
Would it be better to hedge my bets?
I have around 13 page/posts on my blog. Should I aim for 20-30 to have a better chance of being accepted…
3 months ago 9 Replies
Have you reviewed funnel software?
HiI have seen some good reviews for funnel software but can't remember who posted them! If you have…
4 months ago 14 Replies
Cpa (cost per action) adds?
Do people use CPA (Cost per action) adds on your sites? If so, is there a training on it that I just…
4 months ago 4 Replies
Affiliate marketing how does it work?
Idk if I did this right so I was showing a family member of mine my website and he clicked on one of…
4 months ago 11 Replies
How do i find transaction details in clickbank?
I just checked my clickbank dashboard to see that i've made $24.50 somewhere. But i have no idea what…
4 months ago 5 Replies
I do not understand adsense how to use ad inserter?
I've installed adsense- codes are there but instructions on how to place ads is too confusing- I've…
4 months ago 1 Reply
How do I use the ftp in wordpress?
How do I use/acces the FTP in wordpress?I need to add an ads.txt. file so I can use adsense. I need…
4 months ago 1 Reply
Someone experienced with ppc campaigns?
Hi! I am trying to set up my first Bing PPC campaign and I just have some questions.I have watched the…
5 months ago 8 Replies
Bing ad conversions not happening?
Hi Kyle,I'm concerned because WA conversions aren't showing up in my Bing ads the last couple months.…
5 months ago 4 Replies
Does adsense need additional disclaimers?
Hi,I have been approved for Google Adsense recently and I would like to know if I need to put any additional…
5 months ago 8 Replies
Where should I put the offical amazon associate statement?
I am talking about the following Amazon Associate statement: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying…
6 months ago 5 Replies
Is there any ideal amount of products to have per blog post?
I just wanted to know if there was any advice on how many products per post is okay and when to draw…
6 months ago 13 Replies
Anyone here use ezoic advice for beginner?
Hello, so somebody suggested to me that my website might be ready to try things out with this platform.…
6 months ago 6 Replies
How to get reinstated with adsense?
I got kicked out of Adsense when I first started my website several years ago for a friend clicking…
6 months ago 3 Replies
Is it okay to use the html before a post has been published?
I just noticed a few of my customers needed a direct link. I thought I provided this but I just wanted…
6 months ago 6 Replies
Do you have to pay click bank for affiliate links?
I noticed that on the clickbank site there is a section on the right-side menu that says: "recurring…
6 months ago 6 Replies
Can I promote wa on my singing website with ppc?
Hi Friends, My website is in the "learning to sing" niche. Can I create a "noindex" review page just…
6 months ago 19 Replies
If I can't track sales and purchases, should I still do ppc?
Hi Friends, I'm interested in trying PPC for one of the affiliate products I'm promoting. I have asked…
6 months ago 8 Replies
Problem with the adsense account?
Hey,I've got a problem with my AdSense account. When I log in it says to me "To prevent severe impact…
6 months ago 4 Replies
Keyword targeting in bing ads?
Can you no longer target keywords in bing?
7 months ago 1 Reply
How do I copy and paste ad sense code to my so website?
How do I paste my ad sense code into the html of my website between header and footer? Can anyone assist…
7 months ago 6 Replies
What is pay per click marketing?
What is pay per click Marketing mean?
7 months ago 3 Replies
Creating fb custom conversion tracking for wa signups?
I am looking for a tutorial on how to set up custom conversion tracking for Facebook, for the custom…
8 months ago 2 Replies
Do you utilize sponsored listings in pay per click search engines?
Does anyone know what this means...? I was trying to sign up to Share a Sale
8 months ago 6 Replies
Is it okay to rank with my website url?
Good evening all,I have a quick question. Is it okay to get ranked with my website URL instead of the…
8 months ago 10 Replies
Writing ads for ppc campaigns?
Can i get sample ads for my PPC Campaigns to promote my WA programs?
8 months ago 2 Replies
What are some of the best ppc traffic sources?
Google, Bing and Facebook have become pretty expensive. What are some of the best PPC ad networks that…
8 months ago 3 Replies
Can somebody inform me? about my annual membership payment
Can somebody inform me?I wanted to make my annual membership payment through PayPal, but PP didn't want…
8 months ago 13 Replies
Name some good adsense alternatives?
Hi friends, I am looking for the best AdSense alternatives. By that I mean, I wish to use AdSense-like…
8 months ago 29 Replies
How do I stop auto renewal on my account?
I want to stop auto renewal on my account
8 months ago 1 Reply
Best way to capture website traffic contact information?
What would be the best way to capture the name email and phone number of traffic visiting my website…
9 months ago 2 Replies