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I've had 3 Amazon Number 1 Best Sellers in 4 countries in the last year. Without WA this would not have been possible as I knew very little when I joined. A HUGE Thank you for the invaluable guidance, help, support, & Very Special People here at WA. By far the Number 1 online community in the world.
The Truth About Fast Cash Isn't it true that almost everyone trying to make quick money (online and offline) lose more than they make in the process. Have you ever heard someone say "I'm so glad I wasted thousands of dollars on that get rich quick program". Or "All that time in the betting shop helped me to achieve financial success". No. True financial success is a by-product of WAiting. The Wealthy Affiliate Philosophy Steady work throughout the year leads to financial reWArd. This is especia
March 2018.It's now almost 5 years since I joined Wealthy Afffiliate. Before that I was lost. And just about to give up ON my dream of being able to earn a full time income online. All I had to show for the years before that was being scammed twice, upsell after upsell whenever I joined some supposedly money making programs. And instead of earning money I had lost over €1,400 euro (about $1,800).WA is Awesome! However, everything changed within a week of joining Wealthy Affiliate. All the