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We all know we need traffic to visit our website in order to make sales. So having done some research the most effective way in my experience is to buy some SOLO ADS. Basically when you purchase some SOLO AD's, you are borrowing someone's mailing list. You send the broker the details of your landing page and he emails it to the amount of ads you purchased. Actually they always over send in my experience. The painful bit. Unlike Fiverr when you can buy thousands of clicks per day for 30 days for
Here I am. Still here. Stilling going strong and still lovin' it !! I can't believe how far I've come in 10 days. I'd dabbled a bit in Wordpress, but I never knew how much there was to SEO, social marketing and all the rest that goes with it. I've made lots of new friends and really feel part of a community. I can't wait to have this all finished. So I can "put myself out there!" If anyone wants to look at my first ever effort at a website --- here it is
Have you been working on your website and you get to a point where you think "wouldn't that be great if I could put something in that space, I wish I could change that color or font?" Yet you have no HTML or CSS experience. I wanted to put a banner at the top of my site and I hadn't got a clue how to do it. I've been trying out this product called Microthemer And it does just the job. It drills down into the CSS where you can add your own CSS classes, call them what you like, no need to code,
December 06, 2014
Three days in. I never knew it was possible to get so far in such a short time I had dabbled in Wordpress for a little while, but it never amounted to much, simply because I didn't know what subject to blog about and consequently I had nothing to write The tools in the site are amazing. The more training your do the more you find out little nuggets of information about website creation. My main discovery so far has been SEO. I'd heard of it but never really looked into it. Now I can see how
December 03, 2014
Well, here I am. 53 years old and embarking on what I hope will be a new career. I had been thinking about doing something like this for a while, but having got to this age and suddenly been made redundant my chances of getting gainful employment were getting slimmer by the minute. Combine this with the fact my wife has a serious condition, which requires full-time care. I took this opportunity to look after her, and spend more time with her. But with a drastically reduced income. As my career
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