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Hello WA family, This week, I was notified that my website is now ranked on Google. Came as a real surprise as I haven't posted a lot on the site so far However, what I have posted to date is of a good standard. This convinces me that Google look for quality of content not just quantity.It's given me increased motivation to really grow my website now I have Google's approval.Don't let doubt, uncertainty and procrastination hold you back like it did me guys. Just go for it! You have nothing to
Hello WA family,A couple of days ago, I noticed my rank was at 999 UNDER the 1000 mark! Today, I saw my ranking is now at 986! It came as a complete surprise as I'm still in the early stages of building my first website!So I asked myself... "what have you done to achieve this small but ,to me, significant first milestone?" The only answer that came to mind was that, since joining WA, I have made a concerted effort to keep linked into the community via the following:-following not just premium m