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Hello everyone. I am new to this job site. I have some computer experience.. I do learn quick but take notes too. So if anyone has any suggestions on anything that I should need . Please let me know. Thanks. Glad to be working with everyone..
I enjoy spending time with my family and pets (3 dogs and 2 cats). I enjoy cooking and canning with my husband and next door neighbor. I also love being outside doing gardening, mowing grass, or just relaxing.
I have had some scary moments in my life. I found out that I had a brain tumor that was benign and thank God for making me strong through this. Than I was told that I could fall and be paralyzed from the shoulders down if I didn't get surgery. So on my birthday I was having neck surgery and I also thank God for making me strong again through this. My husband never left my side but was glad when I got home because the 2 boy dogs would not sleep cuz they were looking for me..
My life has had its ups and downs but I have stayed strong.
I am glad that I found this website to help me to have something to do everyday.. I always learn something new by being on the internet.
Anyone can message me. I would like to get to know more associates.
Have a great day. Patti
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Elines Premium
Hello Patti. Nice to meet you.Thanks for the following. I am following you back also. I am so glad you have stayed strong and recovered after all you have been through. Yes, WA is a good place to be both to learn new things and meet new friends :) Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. All the best. Elin
CJardin Premium
Hi Patti!

A new WA Community member, and found your profile uplifting! Thank you for sharing your current goals and the challenges in your life because your illness breakthrough is success in life! $$ is great and what we all need to survive, so I wish you all the best in that journey. One of the key tasks I plan to add daily is to make those small but effective list of tasks to complete every day. I thrive on short and long term goals, and know that nothing happens over night. LOL
I think you will do very well here and I will follow to watch your progress. You have an interesting story which I think will make your websites even stronger! I enjoy learning as well; I'm a complete geek! I also have had medical problems in my life (at 37 the doctors found out I had advanced metastatic melanoma, 3 years later, I'm trying to start a new life with a career online. I'm a fighter and NEVER quit). I look forward to seeing your ideas come to life!
PattiM1 Premium
Wow. Thank you. Glad to hear you are doing good. I had a brain tumor called hemangioblastoma. So we both are FIGHTERS and will NEVER QUIT. I am glad to see you on WA. If you need anything I am always here. So you can personal message me. Here are my other links: https://www.facebook.com/patti.mitchell.37604
https://plus.google.com/116534126925205142686 https://twitter.com/LuvsPatti https://www.instagram.com/luv5pets/

svaata Premium
Hello and thanks for following me Patti! I'm pretty new here too, but find the community very positive and helpful.

It was nice that you wrote about your life - it's great to hear that you have overcome big obstacles and are stronger than ever! You can definitely succeed in the online world as well! :)
PattiM1 Premium
Hello. Your welcome. Thank you. I have overcome a lot the past couple of years. I am stronger than I think but starting to realize it. I am going to provide to myself that I can complete all the training and make my websites. I will succeed.
svaata Premium
Hi Patti! I somehow didn't see your reply earlier, but thought I'd let you know now that I have seen it and read it now.

Yes, I also know that it takes time to realize how strong you are. I'm learning that myself too. Babysteps... :)

You will succeed.
phildora Premium
Hello PattiM1 and a great big welcome to the WA Community! Thanks for the follow! Because your are determined, a fighter and know that "No weapon formed against you, your family, ministry, marriage, children or finances shall prosper"! 17 is also God's number for victory and this is 2017--your year for victory in every area of your life.

It is great that you established your initial goals at WA. I believe with your determination you will not meet but exceed those goals and obtain your heart's desires.

All the best with your business endeavors and much success to you!
PattiM1 Premium
Hello. Thank you. I am so determined to do this. I enjoy everything that I have done so far.
TammiP Premium
Hello Patti. Thanks for the follow.

Welcome to WA!!! you have definitely made a good choice. You won't have to worry about what you are going to do with your day now. WA will offer you as much as you want. If you aren't in classes, or going through training, there's always lots of stories, blogs, comments and answers to keep you busy. And you can usually chat with a number of people. There is never a dull moment.

Glad to know that you are feeling better. Sounds like you had it rough for awhile....God is Good...all the time!!!!

Feel free to message me anytime, I love to chat and hang out with my friends here at WA. Talk to you soon!!!!!

PattiM1 Premium
Thanks. God has been with me through so much. He hasn't let me down. Amen. You joined a couple of days after me..

I will talk with you soon.

TammiP Premium
Hi Patti

God will never let us down. He is the one thing that we can aways depend on...Amen!!!!


Dmk71152 Premium
Welcome to WA - lots to learn here- stay focused - go through the Certification Courses first - you will get confused or frustrated from time to time - ask lots of questions - people are here to help you. 

HERE ARE 3 WA'ers Training Posts - they helped me - one is vocabulary you use here - one is a detailed use of your dashboard to find anything you will need - one is a plug-in to add to WordPress - that will help you build your sties. Hope they help - they did me This one I wrote - deals with how to "close" for the result you want. Stay with it - you don't need a wish of good luck - you need a plea to study the material and stay at it no matter what - it will change your life and hopefully the people you touch with your message.

PattiM1 Premium
Thank you Dave. I will stay focused. I will check out the training that you have provided. I will keep moving forward and take notes.

kdforsman Premium
Hi Patti

Thanks so much for following me - I'm following you too :)
I've been part of the Wealthy Affiliate community since June 2017 and absolutely love it. The support and training are awesome and my sites are starting to generate revenue which is awesome.

You might be interested in my recent blog update here, which talks about the things I learned at WA in the first month; Please feel free to follow me on social media;
(and drop me a line with yours and I'll follow you back)

All the very best with your online affiliate journey, it's exciting times ahead.
Best wishes,
Cheers, Karen
esteadman Premium
Hi Patti,
Thanks for the follow, following you in return. Welcome to WA. For advice, just focus on Kyle's training step by step and do all the "homework" that he asks of you. Don't get side tracked by all the other "bells and whistles" until your website is built and becoming successful. All you need is in his lessons. Good luck:)
Loes Premium
Hello Patti,♫Welcome! Nice to meet you ツ I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun on WA. Thank you for adding me to your network.

From the start, I have written training for every issue I had problems with myself. I made an addition for After The Walkthrough. Also a list of 1001 niche ideas, a checklist with 25 points to go through before you publish a post, 101 blogging ideas when you get stuck and an A-Z WA dictionary. I just love lists:) It has been very helpful to a lot of people. I have listed them in one blog you can find on my profile. It's the first website link right under “Follow me on” (click on my picture to get there). I hope to help you with those.

If you have any questions, please reply to this message or leave a comment on my profile.
Success building your business in 2017. See you around, Greetings Loes
Andrew96 Premium
Hey thanks for following me! I hope your day is going great. Check out this quick link to my personal website http://andrewmueller.juiceplus.com/us/en to learn about Juice Plus and how it changed my life. Feel free to send me a message on here if you have any questions or just want to chat. Have a wonderful day and God bless!
P.S. Your bio really spoke to me and I could relate to almost everything that I read. I really hope that you check out Juice Plus and discover the possibilities are truly endless as I have.
fondevilla Premium
Hello Patti. Thank you for remaining strong despite the ups and downs. Thank you also for the follow. I wish you great success in your online business. Please let me know about your website so that I can visit and leave you a comment. In case you enjoy love poems or you are a Christian in need of uplifting devotion, you can visit my website at beautiful-words.org. Feel free to leave a comment. Have fun!
garydlc Premium
Hello Patti
Thank you for the connection, I will follow back, nice to meet you.
I wish you all the best in achieving your online goals here with using the world class WA platform, and I am looking forward to further communications with you here at WA.
All the best
McWord Premium
Welcome to the WA Community and thank you for following me! I'm following you back!!

You'll find the community has tons of help for anyone who needs it, so don't hesitate to reach out. We are interested in our mutual success and there are plenty of people willing and able to assist!

All the best,

gcd Premium
hi Patti,
Lovely to meet you and thank you for adding me to your network. I look forward to following you on your journey here at WA.
Glad that you got through all those scary moments in your life. They certainly were big ones, that's for sure.
Wishing you every success
Kelvindb Premium
welcome to WA PattiM1, I'm glad you are as resilient as you are, not many people have the strength of will you do. If you ever need to talk you can privately PM me. This Website gives many of the tools and very good training on most of the things you may need to know. Also don't be afraid to ask questions as here at WA someone will answer.

Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
Dale123 Premium
Hey Patti!

I'm really glad that you decided to join me here so just thought I'd reach out & say hello. You made a great decision because this is without a doubt the best place to learn how you can build a real sustainable income online.

Right now, there are just two super important things you need to know.

1) If you ask questions and interact with the community you are far more likely to see results with your business. The support here at WA is the best in the internet marketing industry...please take advantage of it.

2) You can access me for 1-on-1 support by leaving a message on my profile https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/dalerodge or by responding directly to this message.

There are a ton of other features worth exploring, but they are explained the main training (and just so you know, you can access the training by hitting the big green "Get Started Here" button at the top left of the page).

But before you go, can you please respond to this message so I know you made it inside the community? I'd like to connect with you so I can keep an eye out for your questions this week.