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Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to begin working with Wealthy Affiliate and each one of you, as I take my professional goals in a very different direction than in the past.

I am a mother of three, a grandmother of three...with one on the way in November! My husband and I moved to Idaho about 5 years ago when we decided to shift our focus from professional careers to family.

I gained a tremendous love for travel early in my career and was fortunate to raise my family "seeing" the world, as I worked for two major airlines. I have also had the opportunity to work in self-employment with my husband and have learned some great lessons from that experience as well.

As I mentioned before, I downgraded my career to spend more time with my family, which has been the best decision I've ever made. Now, I am seeking an opportunity which will continue to challenge me, provide a little flexibility with my schedule for quality family time, and will allow me to build a retirement.

My husband has encouraged me to utilize all the training I've gained through the years and channel my professional experience into a home-based business. Not that my former experience will transfer over very well, but he did mention affiliate marketing as it will compliment some of the other things I am working on.

I love gardening, biking, playing tennis, travel, and have an interest in health and fitness.

Thanks for the opportunity to work beside you and mentor you! I am anxious to learn and build a full time business from my home!

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mark-angelo Premium
Hey, Pam, I'm Mark I am in the process of writing a review post about WA and I came across a review that you wrote in the Certification course lesson 1. I was wondering if I could get your permission to copy and paste your review on to my review post

Thank You
Mark :}
Kewl Web Premium
Hi Pam. Thank-you very much for the follow. I hope I can be of some benefit to you as you build your business. All The Best :)
andrenetz Premium
hi thanks for the follow
betcha Premium
Hi, Pam. Nice meeting you here at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for following me. Please feel free to get in touch and let us know whenever you need help. WA is a community that cares about your success in your online business! More blessings to you and your family!
HelenSarah Premium
Hi Pam, I have just looked at your websites, congratulations! you have achieved so much in such a short time, I just had to follow you. Helen
pcook410 Premium
Hi, Pam! Thank you for following me. I hope that we both find what we are seeking here at WA. So far so good with me! Shout out if I can ever assist you.

thor11 Premium
Hi Pam thank you for following me back. I wish you best luck ,and truly believe in your sucess here with WA
ericrk7 Premium
Hi Pam,

Thank you for your follow and welcome to WA!

Fernan Premium
Thanks for following Pam, I lived two years in Idaho and loved it. Good to meet you.
rontwy Premium
Great sites Pam .
ramccracken Premium
Thanks for the follow and welcome to WA

Success Inc Premium
Hello Pam,
Thank you for choosing to follow me. I hope you had a great holiday weekend.
georama Premium
Hi Pam Your journey so far has been very interesting I wish if you could add some more contents on your site related to hair loss.
pamgunter Premium
Thanks for the feedback. I will keep developing it!
LisB247 Premium
Hi pamgunter, thank you for following me. You have lead a fantastic interesting life. All the best with your new lifelong adventure.
tommydillard Premium
Hello and thank you for following me.
Panamaguy Premium
good morning Pam, Thanks for following me. I am enjoying this very much and I hope you will too.
Don't feel bad I'm still trying to figure this out. With my Learning Disability I need guidence and help to get this thing going.
pamgunter Premium
Thanks! I am still learning, but 5 weeks ago I was new to all of this. It's been fun...hopefully it will start making money!
Thimo2018 Premium
Hey Pam, just visited your sites, very interesting. Got a few ideas for my own site :-)
coolcity Premium
Hi Pam, thanks for following. sorry about the delay responding as I have been away. You have lots of interests there which should give you plenty of ideas going forward, hopefully we can all be successful together.
DavidArturo Premium
Hey, many thanks for the follow!
MikeyB Premium
Hi Pam, welcome to WA, here to help if you need ok. You should look at my POWER course for goals as you mentioned goals in your bio......Good luck
Labman Premium
Hi and Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back. If I can help with anything please ask.
wtbee2013 Premium
Thanks for following me back, Well I think you have been here three weeks how are you getting around. Please let someone know if you are having a problem.

I am sure that all you know is going to help a bunch....

Best wishes and God bless
Kymee ; O)
whlwealthy Premium
Thank you for following ... due to your many interests it will be easy for you to select a niche that you will be happy with . Follow the training do a little each day and success will be yours . keep in touch
mountaingirl Premium
Thanks for the follow! I hope all is going well. ( :
cm8719 Premium
Thanks for the follow back
sidekick Premium
Thank you for following me. I wish you success in WA! Let me know if you have any questions.
chrissmuts Premium
Hi Pam and Welcome to WA. I am sure that you will find everything you are looking for here in this amazing community. I wish you all the very best and please shout if you need any help. Chris
Kyle Premium
Good day and welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate community! The first thing I suggest you do is jump into a live chat and introduce yourself. You will find this on the main Dashboard within WA. Here you will find other members within the community (including myself) that you will be able to communicate with, network with and get help with. :)

Lots of help here and a lot of people that care about your personal success. If you get stuck, simply ask! I look forward to working with you!

Oh, and I wanted to also point you in the direction of the Getting Started Course which is located on your dashboard, and in the main menu under recommended training "Getting Started".

Here is the link: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/online-entrepreneur-certification-getting-started-level-1
pamgunter Premium
Hi Kyle,

My son is trying to sign up and it is giving him a message that he already has an established account but he doesn't remember ever signing up. When he tries to login in with his user name and password that was returned to him it indicates he has an error message stating he can't log in with the credentials provided. Can you help?
Kyle Premium
Hey Pam,

This is actually put in place to prevent gaming of our system. Either your son can sign-up from a different location (just the first time the sign-up, he will be able to work from wherever he wants thereafter), or you can get him to email me with his desired details (email, username, first and last name, password) at kyle@wealthyaffiliate.com and I will set him up manually.

Let me know if you have any further issues or questions.