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Okay! So I know that I have not accomplished as much as many of my peers here on Wealthy Affiliate! BUT, I am still proud to say that this day marks a year that I have been a member of this great site. I am still working through the courses and lessons and working on Bootcamp right now with my two sites.Recently I have been gathering a few of my favorite recipes, cooking them and taking photos, to add to my Basic Homemaking Skills site: I have also been workin
Hey friends, I thought I was doing great and after reading a few lessons on Menus and Categories, I went in and made some updates to my website in Word Press. I was trying to set up some drop down menus from my top menu on . If you go in and look at it I think you will see something totally different from what I intend for it to appear. My home page is intended to be an introduction to why I chose "Basic Homemaking Skills" as my topic. That is what I had ther
I am so excited to get back on the road to success and make some money online! I just wanted to let all my friends here know that I made this big step and I am raring to go!
August 07, 2014
I just want to say THANK YOU to all of my followers and friends here on Wealthy Affiliates site. I have learned tons of new things and read some outstanding websites... and I have only completed Course 1's ten lessons. I am yearning to get into Course 2 but so many hurdles fall into my path. I think that I just need to buckle down and stop allowing any further interference and set a goal. I want to say that my plan is set to complete Course 2 in entirety by end of day Tuesday August 12. Ma
I am pretty excited! I have created my first website here on WA. Please check it out and let me know how you like the beginning of my site? Oh by the way, just adding my site address so that you can see it: Best Blogging to Y'All! Paula