Coolest Thing About Competition Research

Last Update: September 18, 2019

Some may feel threatened by Niche competition particularly in the competitive spaces of SEO. It can be a daunting excersize to see how GOOD other site's have collaborated and informal and interesting site that can leave you..... Sometimes hopeless to carry on.

But if it is your PASSION! And you are determined to be more than better! with time, effort and out of the box thinking you can hit even long standing authorities of the top shelf.

More about that t come. Today I just want to share the biggest BENEFIT to Competition Research.

Working Smarter Not Harder:)

No it's not content or backlink analysis, but the HEART of our business.


I did use to prioritize Competition research for backlinks and content. But as google changes I try to change with it,

I do still keep one eye open while researching my competition for a chance to gain a relevant backlink opportunity but I use EXTREME caution these days.

My favorite part of Competition Research Today the discovery of the best selling highest payout affiliate programs:).....

Many authority publishers have extensively done their homework and often lead you straight to best of the best and I have found when you find a good supplier who is ahead of the game will know when the next best will soon be along.

So it is worth subscribing to these guys or setting a notification to revisit their site every couple of months.

Thanks for stopping:)

Do you have any Competion Research Tips.?

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Many Blessing Rob

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JKulk1 Premium
I often tell fellow members here to research every thing you do. Competition , especially good competition , can provide you with a template on how to construct your own site and content. Great blog. Jim
OrgainITGuy Premium
Thanks Jim.

Great advice for sure:) The comp are who set all the boundaries to be busted down by WAers.