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I'm quite off-track. I'm no longer actively working on my websites, other than in the now and then. I just reread all my blogs, and my goals at WA. When I joined, I had a 1-2 year time window for real success, and this hasn't elapsed. But I also had a 6 month trial period in my mind, to see early signs of financial success, and that's elapsed, and that's where we are now.Anatomical Dissection of FailureThe reasons for the lack of financial success are numerous. Where do I even get started? Obje
This blog is for myself to brainstorm on my difficulties with sticking to a single niche, and if it's ever useful to anyone else for something, then great.I've produced no new content in the past 2 weeks, still thinking about how to improve on the quality of my content, with a clear focus on YouTube. I'm considering opening any number of new YouTube channels, up to about 16. That's slightly ridiculous, but by explaining the reasons, maybe I can start making sense.For each separate topic, I note
After skipping 3 weeks to help my mom move to a seniors residence, I went into overdrive to produce nearly 20000 words of content in 9 days, forming 9 articles. There is a cheat: I took my 72 piano lessons over the past 4 years and quickly typed that into 6 articles.Thanks to that, our Site Health for returned to Awesome, after the writing frequency fell to as low as 20%, and is now at 90%. Thanks to Lyne, we've rebranded it as Lynn & Phil's Mindful Skills, which is catchy
August 08, 2019
A short note to state that long articles are better!I've been away helping my mom moving to a senior residence for what took the better part of a month. This has been very demoralizing for the website business. I'm happy to say I kept busy over the past 2 days to publish an article with over 3500 words. To me, it illustrates a few principles in the WA training: you get better at what you practice, you get better with time, you get better at writing; furthermore writing longer articles is better
I was inspired to write this following Susan's one year update, here. My cover image is here to show a seagull shouting without an audience.After more than 4 months, it feels a bit depressing that I don't have much organic traffic, and hence not much of an audience. Also, I'm in the middle of skipping two weeks of working on my website, to help my mom with moving into a residence for seniors, which leads to a lot of time for pondering but very little precious time in terms of DOING. But instead
Here I go over my progress in the last month and the current achievements. This is mostly for myself, to be able to see my progress month after month. Feedback is very welcome though.Lots of Little Technical Details and StatisticsHaving dropped my first two website attempts, I'm now developing only one website and as we know, that is a full time job of itself. Being about creativity and well-being, it sits in the health and self-development niches, This website is a b
I've started working on a draft, which is unfinished as a post for one of my websites, but I thought I'd share here. Many want or dream of a well balanced life, but have no idea what that would look like, let alone reaching it.I have made a good deal of progress towards having a balanced life myself, starting from just the opposite: in my previous careers, I was a workaholic. You could call this post the "Epilogue to the Story of a Recovering Workaholic." I didn't get to my nice well balanced
The Felino at the Montreal Grand Prix, June 2019. My other great car was towed to the mechanic's this morning :( LOL.OverviewIt's been a great first three months. I've learned a lot, accomplished a lot, made friends, and enjoyed many aspects of affiliate marketing.YouTube and ExtroversionSearching for ways to succeed online has pushed me to behave in a less introverted/more extroverted manner. Every step in that direction has been very good for me. I strongly believe that this is required to su
I had an excellent week and I'd like to complete it with a short success update post.It's been 10 weeks so far. I'm maintaining work-life balance with working 20-30 hours per week as planned. Very important to me.My second website (CPCPWorkshops) has completely overtaken my first website (AmazingToilets), where I got stuck with 7 posts. Now I have 12 on the new one, having added 4 posts this week, two of them over 3000 words. I've just watched Kyle's first video training, and I found it really
What more is there to say?! I'm very pleased that my new website is going so well!