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Hey all! My name is Teanna, and I founded Open2Better.com. A bit about myself, I initially began my journey back in 2016 and stopped my progress and rejoined about three times... due to life and timing and my willingness to invest in my own future (versus working for someone else, go-figure-huh!... HUGE mistake ... but the key is that I continued to jump back in and try again.

I had to decide for myself - once and for all - that the timing is right for me NOW!


===> So here is my story...

My name is Teanna, I am a mother of four, three beautiful sons and one amazing daughter. Like you, I am an everyday person who works hard and has experienced personal challenges with my health, fitness and finances… like you, my family and friends come to me for support when in need with personal and financial challenges…. and much like you, I am a spiritual person who strives to do better in my life, both for a better future for my family and to SHOW my children that they have the ability to achieve anything they put their minds to.


===> From Super Soldier to Broken Woman

I enlisted as an Active soldier with the US Army in September 1996, just out of high school! Over the years I got married and had four beautiful children; Johnathan, William, Amber and Joseph… but I also got divorced, married again, bought a home, got divorced again, lost a home and started from scratch all over again with a new future… this is my story.

===> OUCH! This is How it all Started…

My last tour, began in January 2000 and I was stationed at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin in Southern California. My job was, believe it or not, a Heavy Equipment Truck Transport (HETT) Operator (MOS 88M20). I was a non-commissioned officer, a Sergeant and responsible for training others.

Towing and Winching tanks, such as the A-1 Abrams, was fun!

At some point during my tour, while winching one of my tows my combat boot got stuck in an open non-covered section on the back of my hydraulic trailer, I twisted and fell to the ground, with my foot still stuck in the trailer, the fall and weight of my body twisted to a point that something popped in my back and tore in my leg. OUCH! Has anything unexpected like this ever happened to you? …for me, this was how is all started…

===>Alice in Wonderland, LOL!

I went to the doctor and was placed on a pain management routine which consisted of physical therapy and pain management… LOTS OF PILLS, life just didn’t feel real at this point… I was as loopy as the caterpillar in Alice to Wonderland, LOL!

Over a short period, I gained an astounding amount of weight for my little body. When I say astounding, I mean that at 31 years old, although I had four children, I was a only 130 pounds at 5’7? tall… by the age of 33, I weighed 239 pounds… what the heck! This wasn’t normal by any means! (Aaaahhh, nightmare moment!).

====> Rub Salt into that Wound Why Don’t Ya?

I consulted with my doctor and WOW! Just WOW!

Rubbing salt into my already wounded ego, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, which impacted so many aspects of my health and life. The specialists said that something as simple and off handed as my injury could have triggered my hypothyroidism to active mode… Head in my hands and SHAKING MY HEAD!! What does that even mean??? ????

This thyroid problem is an autoimmune disease, which means my body no longer fights illness or injury the way it’s supposed to. I was tired at the oddest times of the day, always freezing cold, my long beautiful hair was falling out, my skin was cracked and dry, I would cry at the drop of a hat and my hands and arms were weak and sore I had ALL OF THAT CRAZY WEIGHT GAIN and to top it all off I had pains and aches in parts of my body I didn’t even know could have aches and pains ... exhale... (GRRRRRRR!!!)

The result of dealing with all these crazy health issues were catastrophic to my self-esteem and overall drive to live and hope. I didn’t know why my body was feeling so awful or if it was caused by my back or my thyroid condition… I was a complete wreck.????????????

At the age of 36 I visited a neurosurgeon, and I was recommended for a back surgery to attempt to repair the nerve damage done between my lower back, legs and toes. I was so very excited about the possibility that my health would improve, and my pain would be gone... during this surgery the neurosurgeon would remove portions of my vertebra to free my nerves which were being pinched by my herniated discs.

====>OMG!!! Why Didn’t they Tell Me????


A couple of days after my surgery I was in an immeasurable amount of pain. My back was ON FIRE, I was running a fever and could barely keep my eyes open. I was so incredibly sick. My ex-husband and one of my brothers rushed me back to the hospital where an MRI was done to confirm the worst, I HAD AN INFECTION IN MY SURGICAL SITE... Inside of my body a pocket of infection... eeewwww gross!!!

I was rushed into surgery to remove the infection. The next thing I remember was opening my eyes and still being in pain, crying uncontrollably and begging for help. The nurse refused to give me anything for my pain which made me scared and cry inconsolably.... Apparently, I lost so much blood during the surgery that my blood pressure bottomed out… they were unable to give me ANYTHING for the pain until my blood pressure stabilized.

===> Adding Insult to Injury…

The infection was still pumping around in my blood stream, like the enemy behind the line of fire… hiding and setting traps… although the second surgery was successful, I had to be treated for this ongoing infection. The doctor decided that a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC or PIC line) line needed to be inserted into the artery of my arm, a tube that went from my arm and fed all the way up directly into my heart was put into my body for sole purpose of providing extended antibiotic therapy and treatments delivered DIRECTLY into my HEART for six months. I WAS AS SCARED AS A LAMB!!! I had my family to take care of, my finances were crap, my ex-husband (husband at the time) wasn’t working and we were living off of my disability payments from the VA... What to do – What to do !!! ????

===> Gratefully a Light at the End of the Tunnel…

Thankfully after six months my body was healed, and I could walk normally again, without my cane... My neurosurgeon informed me that I should be prepared to require the lumbar surgery again in another five years or so… well friend, I decided then and there that I’ll be damned to have to go through that EVER AGAIN! And luckily, I haven’t!!!

I decided then and there that I would do whatever it takes to be self-sufficient and free from pain management. I would learn about self-healing, exercise, diet and nutrition whatever it takes to keep myself from going under the knife EVER AGAIN!

===> Well my friends, it has been many years!

Although I had a couple of mild setbacks with my back, and get localized shots for muscle spasms from time to time, nothing so critical that I feel the need to schedule another surgery. (THANK GOD, HALLELUIAH, AMEN!!!)

I attribute this to changing my way of thinking which led to actual changes I made in my daily routine improving my overall quality of life. #ManifestIt This is what I want to share with EVERYONE!!! If I can help ANYONE to improve their life, regardless of their experiences, I WANT TO GIVE THIS GIFT!!!

===> From Broken Woman to Super Woman

I am an Empath at heart and receive joy from helping others. After the army and while healing my body and mind I decided to return to school. I earned my bachelor’s in science for Business Management and my MBA from DeVry University. I was so proud of myself and the example I was able to set for my four children my siblings and nieces and nephews.

During all my downtime, which was quite depressing, the financial issues my family faced came and went. I have always dreamed of working for myself one day or working from home, having my own schedule, and ultimately just being financially stable so that I would never have those hardships placed on my family again… Over the years, I told myself these thoughts were simply dreams that everyone has… that is until I was in a position where I HAD TO FIGURE OUT HOW to change my situation... Bankruptcy after the divorce....

===> How do I go from the Broken Woman I was to the Super Woman I want to be???

…So, what did I do? I used what I learned in college and began researching different ways to make money online (silly???). There were talk shows and interviews with e-business start-up gurus on the news and with President Obama and entrepreneurs giving so much publicity and credence to the reality in successful e-marketing that was happening and present that I figured I would give it a try. After spending thousands of dollars on one marketing learning system or affiliate program after another I found Wealthy Affiliate… this has been a true game changer for me.

===> Chit-Chat between Cousins…

I had a conversation with my cousin, Becky, about the ideas I have for starting my own business…

The conversation went a bit was a long one but she reminded me of my little journal that I have always kept and simply asked me... what’s in your notebook? Why don’t you use that to start?

Having this simple conversation opened my mind to subconsciously begin looking and finding the information I needed to move forward with my plan… From my personal journal to my blog posts!

===> Ask and You Shall Receive…

So here I am… I researched and threw a lot of time and money into figuring out how to build a website, how to market a website, how to make money online, etc… but many of the things I came across either scammed me into buying one thing just so they could sell me something else, or just gave me information without reference or real help on how to get myself started or how to keep things moving and growing once I did get started... I WAS FRUSTRATED to say the least!

I needed universal intervention to plan how exactly I was going to create and maintain my website, I read so much about the steps, but it kept feeling like I was missing something.

After investing in different programs and tools and books and reports and the list goes on… I was on the brink of giving up… I had already been documenting in my notebook, the different notes and tid-bits of information that seemed like “Golden Nuggets” but they were on many pages and many side notes throughout my notebook… I needed to find EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR in one gosh darn spot, GRRRRRRRR… !!! OMG!!! ????

I decided to collect the info I would need to write product review blogs for my website of all the different programs I have tried to help others in my situation… (a work in progress).


I did eventually find what the universe intended for me to find… Wow! Wealthy Affiliate has everything I need in one place... Ask and you shall receive! AMAZING to say the least! And finally, that long deep breath 😊

I was so excited to finally be moving forward without backtracking or tripping over my own creativity! Anyhow, my vision is to blog about my experiences and share with others what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Also, to continue helping others and give myself what I want… which is to write, I decided my niche would be driven around offering my services to write, read and edit (blog posts, resumes, cover letters, marketing plans, business plans, etc.), helping others professionally given my experience and background while helping spread the motivation I have and feel deep in my soul... I also realized that since it's my site, my business, my motivation and my money driving my business... I can do what-ever I want with it.

As I continue to learn and grow, I will share that as well! So here I am, and I have a good template and outline to begin building my website... YAHOO!!!

===> Point A to Point B… It’s GO TIME!!!

Now that I had the tools and training in one spot through WealthyAffiliate (including my website domain, hosting and personalized email) … I needed a plan for how to organize it how to market the various aspects of it and how to provide meaningful content for my audience if this were to be successful…


===> So I am doing just that!

I took my dream and thought about what it would take to make it a reality and started pulling together examples of what I had already done for friends and family to help them with their own career moves so my audience would have an idea of the product and service they would receive from me.

Given the struggles and hurdles I have overcome in my life and my desire to turn negatives into positives, keeping an eye on the bright side of things and wanting to help others always do better I decided on a brand for my business… Open2Better.com!

===> From Notebook to Website... Anything is possible my friend!


A friend of mine sent me a sermon to watch one day, the name of the sermon was titled Be Open to Better in you’re Life by TD Jakes.

This particular sermon came to me at the right time, I asked the universe to provide, and it surely did!

My Mission is to teach and share and watch people grow… and as you know, for things to change in a person’s life, that person must have the drive to take steps for that change, little goals every day… the phrase “open to better” stuck in my mind like a fly in a fly trap… I ran with it!

Does this make me a Mystic??? It Worked for me!


Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that appear involuntarily in the mind.

Fun Fact: The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest, throughout recorded history.


The power of thought brings things to light that we tend to postpone.
Your thoughts create your reality… once you have an idea you have the power to take action to make it a reality.


Affirmations are the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment; fostering a belief that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.”

More specifically, an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to oneself and written down frequently. For affirmations to be effective, it is said that they need to be present tense, positive, personal, and specific.


The Power of Taking Action is the role of a positive state of mind. When was the last time you smiled, not because you felt like it, but just for the sake of smiling?

Each action you take strengthens your commitment and raises the level of your emotional intensity and conviction. Live life as though you have already achieved the goal, regardless of how big or small, #FakeIt.


The energetic power to manifest your desires and goals requires that you must clear all that blocks you from believing in your greatness.
· #ClearIt: Be very clear about your intent.
· #Thinkit, #SayIt, #DoIt, #FakeIt, #BelieveIt, #FeelIt, #TrustIt
· #Chill. That’s right, follow these steps then relax… #Chill and allow the universe to do its work.
· #BeGrateful #BeHappy and #BeJoyful.

Open2Better.com is dedicated to giving others the tools, information, motivation and inspiration needed to have everything you desire in life.

From Super Woman to EVERY PERSON

I will help you stay committed to YOUR manifestation process and YOU will trust that you’re exactly where you need to be.
· Is your main desire to feel good?
· Is your main desire to feel joy?
· Is your main desire to be wealthy?
· Is your main desire to be independently successful?

Trust that YOU will be given everything YOU need to create that feeling!
Know that YOU “feeling good” is the true manifestation!

Teanna Roberts
Super Soldier, Super Woman, Business Owner
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How much money would you be happy earning?

How much would you be ecstatic earning?

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
As much time as is needed
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Welcome here in WA Premium
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Great responses to your goal questions,the sky is the limit when you have vision.....to your success
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Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate

These goals are very achievable and with the step by step training here at WA you can become successful.

You also have the wonderful community here for support if and when you need us, just ask your questions and someone will get back to you.

Wishing you much success here
Kyle Premium Plus
If you dedicate enough time to your online business, anything level of success possible. Everything you need is here at WA, from the training to the tools, the websites, the hosting and the personal help.

Take action on the tasks within the training and ask for help when you need it and these goals are going to become a tangible reality for you Teanna!
Welcome to wealthy affliates... a good sum for the start, seeing the time you'll be sparing I think all the success is yours.
Enjoy the platform.

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Hello Teana,

Welcome to Premiumship!
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Hey there!
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Hi Teanna and great decision going Premium! You've now just launched your business to the moon! See you there!
Erin :)!
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Welcome to WA Teanna!

If you need any help there are so many people here that are willing to help.

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Welcome and congrats on going premium!

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