Speed Hump Ahead

Last Update: Jul 8, 2018

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It has been many weeks since the last time I hit the park near where I live..

A warm sunny Sunday morning and it sure feel good to soak in the morning sun.

Speed or "progress" hump as i would like to call it...

We have many humps in life, in business. Some are temporary, some are pernament.

I will even say it is a necessary "evil".

As I'm trying to get started to be more active on WA, Mr Hump gets in the way.


Mainstream Business

Personal Stuffs


The World Cup, off course! (not many series left to watch..perhaps 4-5 based on average life span )

For me, I must admit I can get distracted reading up some interesting bio on WA members although I must say I don't interact much at all..

Progress hump can come in many forms.

The learnining curve in affiliate marketing business can be steeped which the newbies here can probaly resonate with.

As "evil" as it can be, the hump can be a catylst for positive change. New insights, mind shift..

So, what can we do to work around the hump?

The verterans here can share their thoughts here as they had overcome many a hump to get where they are today.

Like the many folks in the park who are very dedicated with their routine except on wet days & CNY holidays.

.Discipline and focus lot.

Socialise, have fun and still not forgetting the reasons why we are here in WA

What are some of your "speed hump" on your journey to achieiving your online endeavors?

I would love to hear your thoughts

Take care.


Recent Comments


Watch out especially on Wednesdays

Hmm, what about Wednesday and why?

Often called hump day as it is getting over the middle of the week!

Haha. That is a good one!!

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