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Last Update: May 05, 2016

Just joined Wealthy Affiliate two days ago, and here I am attempting to write my first blog. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty comfortable with writing in general - reports, essays, letters - and copywriting is skill that intrigues me.

But still - 3 days ago, I knew nothing about Wealthy Affiliates. 3 days ago, my knowledge of affiliate marketing had been defined almost a decade ago by "make money on the internet" scams.

Actually, 3 days ago the up and coming online health & fitness marketing company with which I'm a certified coach abruptly cancelled the team building and residual income aspect of their compensation. I had two choices:

  1. I could let that incident become yet another excuse to give up on finding viable ways to build solid income streams using the internet, right? As friends and familly love to chime " Toju, they are all scams!"
  2. I could turn my frustration into action! I could get off my butt, get back into browse and search mode for "best ways to make money online" & tune out the voice in my head that expected to be dissapointed yet again.

Guess which choice I made?

So here I am. Learning about affiliate marketing through the awesomely 'connected' & supportive community that is Wealthy Affiliate. I couldn't possibly be happier about this development. All because I made a choice, the right choice! Can I just say I'm too busy completing the "getting started" lessons to dwell on setbacks?

Okay, that's all I have for now. Thanks for all the support, thanks to everyone who's following me, sent supportive remarks and comments. I appreciate all of it!

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LisaFranks Premium
You WILL do very well.
BVOMDaily Premium
You are on the right path my friend!
Best of luck here!
Omatz2 Premium
Thanks BVOMDaily!! I certainly feel like I am. Future blogs I will talk about the importance of "self - development" and cultivating mindset & habits for success. Only now beginning to appreciate the lesson of "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"
BVOMDaily Premium
Awesome! Writing about it only furthers the understanding of the information! I'm sure you will do well here