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Last Update: January 23, 2018

Greetings Everyone,

I have been in WA for about three months now on and off. I have been struggling to keep up with my lessons but I'm back at it. I am thankful for the many resources we have in WA because I been seeing other things outside of this community.

My goals for this year are to learn learn learn and not really focus on making money. I realized that the slow and steady learning approach suits me best. I plan to finish all of the first ten courses within the next six moths to a year. 3 lessons a week are my goals and applying the new lessons so I don't forget them. I believe the more I learn the easier my job will be when Im ready to begin earning extra income.

I see all beautiful sites from all of you guys here at WA and I kind of get motivated at what I see and then realize that I need some real help so I can get as good as everyone else. So my progress report is to get more involved in the community and begin to pick up some valuable lessons, resource and cool website tricks.

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YFDaniels Premium
@ Omar....Congrats on beginning your Boot Camp! I will also hope to begin by tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the experience!
omarsad03 Premium
And congrats to you as well. This is an exciting journey and I too can’t wait to achieve hours and hours of studying and activities which will pay off in the future God Willing! Thank you and wish you the best as well!