Break free and be different

Last Update: Aug 13, 2017


Following the crowd may greatly affect our lives by influencing the way we think and behave. It has been scientifically proven that witnessing other people behave in a certain way will most likely lead us to follow the crowd in an automatic function. It leads us to be submissive and often times make us submit to the control of the crowd especially in our decision-making capabilities. People follow others and think that it is a smart decision because there is somewhat a sense of belongingness. However, there are many consequences by doing so. Researches prove that mistakes are often made because chances are a member of the crowd will collect unverified and incorrect information about something just to prove to the members about his group’s beliefs. This will most likely result to people ending up believing such information even if they were not sure about it in the beginning. When in a crowd, there is a strong possibility that people will infect each other with their beliefs even if it is negative or untrue. Most people do not see the world and the reality correctly and their emotions, way of thinking and their beliefs motivate them to distort reality. And when people form a group and eventually recruit members, they infect each other with their beliefs.

But of course, not everyone follows the crowd. Some will distance themselves from the crowd because they dare to be different. Some people distance themselves away from the norm.

It is true that our happiness does not depend on other people because it comes within ourselves. It is healthy for our personal development to break free and be different. A reason why following the crowd is not a good idea, is that in doing so, will hold you back from your own success. Most successful businessmen in the world became millionaires because they dared to be different. Being in a crowd will kill your creativity because it will let you settle for something what you think is good enough. You just do what the majority is doing and just go with the crowd. Belonging to the crowd will also limit your potential and capabilities. It will hinder your personal growth because you just follow the crowd and conform with them.

Following the crowd will make you be less different and will stop you from spreading your wings. Realize that you are one of a kind. You may learn things that are similar with everyone else and you may also learn things that other people did not. Remember that what truly makes you different is a combination of the things you learned from life and the various things that you have done in life.

Being unique is a good thing. Just dare to be your own person. Ignore and disregard what others may think. Put in mind that being different will lead you to being a critical thinker and an innovator. You can make an impact to the world by being different. Be free and live your life in the best way you can be. Make a change and be different.

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Great advice. As humans, we like to belong. We are joiners. Whether it's church, football games, or "club" retail stores, we like to be around people, and we tend to be like the people we are around. I took a course in school called Collective Behavior and it was fascinating how people who would never to certain things by themselves are all to willing to join the crowd in whatever is going on.

However, every now and then is that rare duck that truly walks the path less traveled and is purely he/her own person, beholden to none in thinking and ideas. That is true freedom!

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