10 Tips for Combining SEO and Content Marketing

Last Update: October 14, 2015

10 Tips for Combining SEO and Content Marketing

Gone are the days when SEO was sufficient for your site to land on onto Google's great graces. These days you must add to content marketing to your stockpile of advanced advertising tool on the off chance that you need to pick up web indexes' support and eventually win the heart of online clients. Given the essential part of content marketing now plays in the achievement of online business, its chance that SEO gets tied up with content marketing.

The two advanced internet marketing techniques that were once seen as separate entities are presently an indistinguishable couple, promising to creep, organizations closer to the notorious "overnight achievement”. The astonishing pair can enormously help your online business achieve the zenith of progress and outmaneuver your rivals.

Here are the 10 ways you can guarantee that SEO and Content marketing techniques work in harmony:

1. Setting up common goals: The first step is to make sure that both content marketing and SEO have common goals so that they can work together and additionally bring in revenues. First think about the questions and you will automatically get the solutions. You have to create strong communication and focused goals.

2. Establishing indicators that lead to key performance: This is the best way to optimize the synergy between content marketing and SEO. These indicators include conversion rates, call to action, online user engagement, and links to contents and more.

3. Understanding your targeted audience: This is an important part. It will help you in creating various effective strategies to fulfill the needs of the audience.

4. Creating your content search engine enhanced & SEO optimized: Quality is a very important factor considered by Google. You have to maintain the quality by incorporating high-impression keywords. Make it easier by limiting the keyword density to 1%.

5. Researching relevant, trendy & high-impression keywords: Every keyword you insert should be researched properly using keyword research tools like word stream, Google Keyword Planner etc. This will help you in better keywords optimization.

6. Using link building for attracting online consumers: This is another way which can make content marketing and link building together an effective factor to make a campaign successful. Link building is considered as the most effective way for targeting a large number of qualified audiences. You should focus on sites having good page rank (PR) and high domain authority (DA). That is the way by which search engines like Google will highly prefer your website.

7. Do internal linking wisely: It works wonders in increasing the page value of the website with your published content. It also makes improved user experience with easy navigation. It is very easy to implement, and will help in enhancing the visibility of the webpage in search engines.

8. Optimizing the Heading & sub-headings of your webpage content: Heading (title) and sub-headings of your webpage content can be easily optimized by making use of relevant phrases and keywords. On the top bar of the browser is the title, whereas content inside it is the sub-headings. The title should be eye-catchy and the sub-headings should be justified with the small paragraphs.

9. Measuring your results: The outcome of content marketing and SEO should be measured by using some online tools. Say, for example, Google analytics can be used for tracking the changes. For getting the updated information of the behavior of your website, you will need to use such tools.

10. Keep your efforts going: Lastly, continuous efforts should be put in to grab and utilize the amazing opportunities of putting the efforts of marketing your website with unique and effective techniques. Both SEO and content marketing would do wonders for your website, if implemented simultaneously following the search engine guidelines.

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