First few months as a WA newbie

Last Update: March 18, 2017

For a number of years have I wondered how people make a living online. I just was not intrigued enough to take action and learn more about the process. It thus have remained a magical process only revealed to some for me.

Around the last quarter of 2016 I decided that I want to make a serious effort and learn about doing business online. My goal was (and remains) to start an income generating business from scratch in a field that I have zero experience.

So I started talking about it with friends and relatives. One read that made a difference was 1000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly. It was then that I decided lets go and learn about making money online. After all my specialty is in dealing with things in the physical world.

Some research led me to Wealthy Affiliate. I am still not sure who ended up getting paid by my signing up but from the start knew that I am going to go yearly. Going yearly made the investment sizable enough to force me to spend time learning and educating myself.

My time has been limited but steadily I have learnt more and am now thinking of questions I would never have been able to ask a few months ago. This is my third month with WA. I have on premium referral (word of mouth) and a website running. My brain is going a million miles a day thinking about what I need to learn more about and so far the WA community has yet to disappoint me. Good training and answers to questions others have asked has been the key.

So for other newbies to this world I say:

Make use of the community and the skills people are sharing.

I am still working up to earning a 1000 true fans for my website. Right now it is one (me) but I trust that with in the next few months that number will grow exponentially.

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brandonacox Premium Plus
It's an incredible community, for sure. Keep going!