The Importance Of Using Funnels To Increase Sales

Last Update: April 23, 2020

A lot of people wonder why their websites are not attracting enough visitors and converting them into customers and i can tell you why. I am sure you must have heard of top marketers making mention of sales funnels or marketing funnels. Well, there is a reason why these funnels are used to their advantage, not just to attract visitors but convert these visitors into loyal and returning customers.


A marketing or sales funnel clearly identifies the customer journey towards your offer staring from the awareness stage to the final stage where he/she makes a purchase. Many marketers make the mistakes of approaching the market to sell sell sell and sell without building relationship first which to me is fundamental.

This was something i was so naive about 8 years when i started off in the online business. I watched the so called super stars teach it but my problem was how to implement that one simple strategy because it does work.

Have you ever attended a free webinar and at the end of the webinar you are told a free PDF or eBook will be sent to your email for more correspondence? That is the awareness stage that leads to interest. At this point of receiving email newsletters, trust is built.

They say the best way to making millions of dollars is to give out something free. So the first step in the awareness stage is to offer something free to your target audience. It could be eBooks that explains "how to's", free pdf, whitepaper or a free coupon. The content you are giving out must be tied to the need of your potential customer.

Say you are a web developer and wants to have clients that requires a webiste to grow their business, you will have to create powerful non promotional content that explains how to identify a good web hosting software, what to look for before choosing a marketing agency, comparison guide on web hosting companies. This method puts you as an authority before your audience as you nurture them through.

When building a marketing funnel, ask yourself:

  • How will customers at this stage find me?
  • What kind of information do I need to provide to help them move from one stage to the next?
  • How will I know if they have converted or moved from one stage to another?

It’s easier to focus on attracting and converting customers who already know that they need your product, rather than trying to create a need for it in the first place.


  1. Drive traffic to your website or the landing page where you want your audience to see what you are offering. Google ads, Facebook Ads
  2. Host a webinar
  3. Guest blog on other websites
  4. Have a sign up fun embedded in that post or page where you can have them subscribe to your newsletter. Their information will integrate with the email marketing platform you have chosen as your autoresponder (AWEBER, MAILCHIMP, LEADPAGES)
  5. Segment the names based on the landing page from your website
  6. At this stage, you must have structured your automation to send out your letters with quality content to them.

Another great way to great way to attract more visitors through the awareness is design a captivating landing page from your email marketing platform and direct them to a particular post in your website. You can A/B test your campaign and track which landing page is converting more.

I tell you this, making money online is easy when you understand the basic fundamentals. You can apply this strategy for any any given niche and scale big time. Marketing funnel will help you to build and manage relationship with your customers and help your business grow.

Two email marketing platforms that i love to use to create amazing funnels are Getresponse and Leadpages. These 2 rocks my boat, but i know there are other good ones out there that you can find more comfortable with.

I hope this post will make a lot of difference as you continue to build your online business.

Best Of Luck


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