Never too Late

Last Update: March 13, 2020

Six years ago, I joined wealthy Affiliate and was excited to have found this amazing online training institution. I looked forward to the next big thing with it but my mind was too young to absorb the the importance of patience and staying consistent. So I wandered off to something that would ‘get me rich’ chasing shiny objects, affiliate programs, all without success. The online space was agog with so many so called experts and online training platforms too.


And so my journey began with what I believed was a much better opportunity. I came across sites that shut down, so calle industry experts going aloof and losing good money. I was so eager to make it and become the go to guy, so I delved into studying Digital marketing to learn so much about how be better. One thing was lacking, and that was my inability to negotiate and offer the right service, knowing what offer to potential clients.

Here I am again, back to where I started and I wonder how did I find myself here again even when my mind was telling me all along “go back to WA”. I have grown no doubt with the mistakes and the things I have learned in the industry of digital marketing. So many a time I have come across small business owners who don’t know how to get their businesses online and when I tell them what they need to do, I am asked if I can provide such service. Problem is, I don’t even have a media kit.

I am glad to be back here again as I am awed with the growth, new features, tools and so many great people found here in recent times. Consistency really do matter and I have never seen where hard work doesn’t pay off because eventually, it will pay off.

I’d rather make myself uncomfortable over a period of time to have the kind of freedom that I want, than have comfort now for a life that I will never be happy about.

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megawinner Premium
Great come back! Wonderful post! Welcome to WA Premium. Wishing you a lucrative WA journey. Cheers!👍✨🌈Florentino