I was in so much pain during my Financial Losses !

Last Update: October 08, 2020

How to handle financial loss which creates pain and adversity –

In this world , where we live for materialistic gains and our happiness is so much connected to financial and materialistic gains , getting hit with a loss can be extremely stressful .

Its been seen that most of the cases in depression and suicide are due to financial loss , when you go through such adverse circumstances , you don’t just suffer financial losses you also suffer from self-disbelief , lack of faith , embarrassment , not being able to provide to your family , nightmares , horrifying & painful thoughts about your future .

Thus your peace of mind is shattered into pieces of mind and one after another you keep on attracting negative situations . It becomes really very difficult to connect the dots and build positive thoughts .

So is there a way out , honestly not really , you have to go though the pain and suffering caused , Afterall it’s the play of your Karma . Whatever happens in our life is due to choices made by us in past or current life .

Its not about our lack of abilities that we faced financial loss , its about the choices we made which caused this situation .

Now you don’t have any control on your actions of past life , but you most certainly have control on actions in this life .

When you are hit with adverse financial situation ,

First Action - shld be to choose “ although I am hit badly , but I will not let my self suffer in this situation , I will not play victim card as by being a victim I will only attract more sorrow and pain in my life “

Second Action – choose to be extremely calm , smile and say to yourself , I have been through far worse circumstances , I came out of those circumstances . I certainly have the strength to over come this . In your calm state of mind think of various options that you can come up with to battle this situation .

Third Action – Introspect your commitment and larger purpose in life , and think about this current financial loss , where shld you lay your focus on ? Stand committed to your larger purpose , suddenly this whole financial loss situation will look quite small and ordinary .

Fourth Action – Trust that whatever is happening , is part of the infinite and intelligent cosmic plan and I am only going to come out stronger in this situation . Trust that this situation is only come to push my limits and get me out of my comfort zone , so I can do massive extraordinary things in life .

Fifth Action – Keep building muscle around first four steps , so you become unconsciously competent in thinking extraordinary outcomes , thus getting extraordinary results .

Wishing you success , have a extraordinary life !

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