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December 29, 2016
Hello to Waers Family,I am sorry for being out of WA community for almost a week. I went home to my country and after 22 hours of flight, my body clock seems not to work, it is very hard to adjust to a completely new time and environment, it takes me time to troubleshoot the turtle connection to the web, many issues to tackle.I will get back to everyone when I return on January 14, 2017, need to spend time with my aging parents, children and grand kids.Happy New Year to all and more success to
December 17, 2016
Another form of marketing is emotional marketing. The best way for your business to stand out is by building an emotional connections with your audience. The audience emotion will increase engagement with your business, convert leads and drive sales.I found a tool to analyze headline for emotional marketing. Check this
December 07, 2016
Hello Waers,It is very hard losing concentration, it seems I can't work. Maybe, the solution is to tell WA family.I had been disappointed with my Google Analytics. I just found out that the referral part and some part of the direct search are spam. I know it can be filtered and I found the training of Ailee as helpful because it is not too complicated but still it is hard work, PJGermain has also the training for getting rid of the spam but quite complicated to implement.So, WAers, visit you
Hello Waers,A warning for everyone to avoid being hacked.A ransomware virus that hackers are using in FB Messenger. It appears from a malicious scalable Vector graphic or .svg files that users receive on FB messenger.If users click the image, hackers will tell to install a particular software on the computer that scrambles the data and will ask for payment to restore.The hackers modus operandi called ImageGate embed malware on the image file, this is according to the Israeli firm CheckPoint.
November 26, 2016
My yearly membership is until April of next year, but the sale is something that is very attractive and very cheap, I can't imagine that with $24.91 per month, you will have the forever education in affiliate marketing, that alone cannot be bought anywhere.With the sale, my renewal will be April of 2018, maybe that time, I will be able to get it from the sweat of my online career.Last week, I got interested on attending a free training on how to grow email list, it is free to attend, but in the
October 17, 2016
ABP, a free extension of Google Chrome and also available for Android, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari and Yandex. It is an open source project.Features of ABPBlock Ads- blocks all annoying ads on the web by default including vidoe ads on YouTube, Facebook Ads, flashy banners, pop-ups and pop-under. This will work if you will add it on your filter list. Simply install ABP thru here: https://adblockplus.orgAllow Acceptable Ads - We all know that websites rely on ads revenue, ABP encourages using n
October 01, 2016
Hello Waers,Disk Cleanup is a built-in tools provided by Windows, it is a great tool you can use to free up space on your partitions and it removes system files you no longer use. It is one of the best Windows program for removing unnecessary files and freeing up space. It is not invasive compared to other third-party tools. It only removes files that it is 100% sure not required by Windows or any of your installed apps. Disk Cleanup analyze your disk space and it looks for temporary files
Hello Waers,The only requirements most of the time for a password is to be at least eight characters. Longer password is much better and it is very effective and strong if it has a combination of capital and small letters, numbers, and special characters found on the keyboard's top-row numbers. Here is why:if you use a lower case letters for the 1st character, hackers are only concerned about 26 choices to crack itadding a capital letter as an option will add another 26 choicesadding digits w
Hello Waers,My routine before getting up in the bed, is to check my email hoping something nice will welcome me. Reading one of the Waer's email, I noticed my rank was down to 195. All I said, is WOW! I am not imagining that I will be included in the top 200 of the community. I feel so proud of myself, I am not even a year old in this community. It makes me feel that WA is recognizing even my little activities, responding to emails, welcoming new premium members, blogging about something th
September 25, 2016
Hello Waers,SEO Webpage analyzer is a free tool for analyzing webpages and the analysis will help to make websites better. It will analyse pages and post one at a time. You can see the overall score of the website and it also analyzes the following:meta title and description, heading structure of the page, content analysis of the page, keyword analysis, hyperlinks, external and internal links, images and social features.This is very helpful for making improvements to your website. It gives t